Shadow the Hedgehog (Xbox prototype; 2005-09-16)

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ShadowBeta4 Xbox Title.png
Shadow the Hedgehog Beta 4
Prerelease of: Shadow the Hedgehog
System: Xbox
Build date: 2005-09-16[1]
Source: DVD-R
Found by: Last Minute Continue

Shadow the Hedgehog "Beta 4" is a prototype build of Shadow the Hedgehog for the Xbox. It was released by Last Minute Continue on January 2, 2023 as part of their SEGA Early Build Discs Rescue Project.

Built about a month before the final Xbox build and two months before the game's release, this is a late prototype that is playable from start to finish. Unfortunately, this build cannot be dumped properly as the original disc has a bad burn. Last Minute Continue has released two builds of the game - one with mislocated files, and the other with 111 missing files (at least 170MB of missing data) most of which are the cutscene audio files. A fixed version that borrows files from the final North American Xbox release has been made, allowing the prototype to run without crashing.


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Shadow the Hedgehog (Xbox prototype; 2005-09-16), prototype version of Shadow the Hedgehog (game)
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