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===Disc 1 : Adventure Disc===
===Disc 1 : Adventure Disc===
#Seven Rings In Hand (Alf Layla wa-Layla)
#[[Seven Rings in Hand (song)|Seven Rings In Hand]] (Alf Layla wa-Layla)
#The Lost Prologue
#The Lost Prologue
#Let The Speed Mend It (Sand Oasis)
#Let The Speed Mend It (Sand Oasis)

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Seven Rings in Hand: Sonic and the Secret Rings Original Sound Track
Seven Rings In Hand (ソニックと秘密のリング オリジナルサウンドトラック) is the two disc (audio CD) Original Soundtrack of Sonic and the Secret Rings. It was exclusively released in SEGA Direct stores, which are only located in Japan.

The soundtrack is split into two discs, Adventure and Treasure. The Adventure disc covers mostly any and all songs from the game that feature vocals, while the Treasure disc covers mostly the game's original score.

Steve Conte provides the vocals for the two main theme songs of the game, "Seven Rings In Hand" and "Worth A Chance", while a majority of the other vocal songs are performed by Runblebee.


Disc 1 : Adventure Disc

  1. Seven Rings In Hand (Alf Layla wa-Layla)
  2. The Lost Prologue
  3. Let The Speed Mend It (Sand Oasis)
  4. Poison Spear (Sand Scorpion)
  5. The Wicked Wild (Dinosaur Jungle)
  6. The Palace That Was Found (Evil Foundry)
  7. How It Started (Ifrit Golem)
  8. High And Broken (Levitated Ruin)
  9. No Way Through (Pirate Storm)
  10. Blue On The Run (Captain Bemoth)
  11. The White Of Sky (Skeleton Dome)
  12. Unawakening Float (Night Palace)
  13. It Has Come To This (Erazor Djinn)
  14. Worth A Chance

Disc 2 : Treasure Disc

  1. The Last Palace
  2. Sandstorm
  3. Power Of The Ring
  4. Misgiving
  5. Jugdment
  6. Ali Baba & Sinbad Rescued!
  7. Shimmer Of Hot Air
  8. The Legendary Blue Hedgehog
  9. His Fate
  10. Shimmer Of Hot Air "Heartbeat"
  11. King Of King
  12. The Promise
  13. Shimmer Of Hot Air "Rage"
  14. Miss You
  15. Revive
  16. Character Serect
  17. Advertise
  18. Party Dress
  19. Yellow Sneakers
  20. Blue Shirt
  21. Violin Beginner's Class
  22. Violin Middle Class
  23. Violin Higher's Class
  24. White Gloves
  25. Pull On It!
  26. Purple Pants
  27. Worth A Chance - Original Version -


The Treasure Disc is also an enhanced CD that can be used in your computer to access some hidden media. This includes files that can be printed out to created a book cover that looks like the book from the game, wallpapers and sound files for your PC, a movie of the game's trailer, a digital recreation of the soundtrack's booklet, a large image of the game's poster, and also another printout to make a Sonic cutout.