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SONICFAN is quite possibly the greatest person to have ever lived. Becoming infamous in the Sonic community, he is best known for his work "Sonic Fights Robotnik" and its sequels. A member of, SONICFAN released his first story June 24, 1998, posting on and off until June 26, 2000. During that period, he created seven canonical "Sonic Fights Robotnik" tales, one disowned spin-off ("Uncle Bob Returns"), and six more tales of Sonic fighting Robotnik in different, yet related, series.


SONICFAN's fanfiction was based primarly on the Saturday Morning series and the Archie comic, but his unique style gave way to other elements that were found in nearly all his stories, such as a fondness for the band Green Day and the soft drink Moutain Dew, misspelled as "Mountain Due." The main characters were also always exaggerated, with Antoine and Bunnie Rabbot having extreme accents and Rotor a fondness for jumping through roofs. Because of these liberties with the Sonic cast, many people cried out against the stories, wanting them to cease production, or at least ask him to improve his style to reflect "better" fanfiction.

During the height of his infamy, every story that SONICFAN released was given the "MST3K" treatment, consistently parodied and poked fun of, sometimes with SONICFAN's blessing. He was also compared to David Gonterman, who had recently been kicked out of Sonic Fandom, even though SONICFAN voiced support of Davey-kins and his work. But as Usenet fell out of favor for other web-based communication, SONICFAN disappeared, leaving his SFR saga incomplete.


Over the years, as the original audience for "Sonic Fights Robotnik" has grown and reflected on that two year period, some have come to see SONICFAN not as an author trying to create an amazing piece of work, but being an extremely clever troll intended to get the Sonic Internet community angry. If this is the case, he succeeded beyond expectations, and could have made a much larger impact had he branched out to other message boards. Others feel that he was beyond a troll, creating an intricate satire on then-current Sonic fandom, playing off the themes of the 90's mentality. If true, that same satire can be applied to the modern Sonic fandom, which has in some ways evolved, but in others has remained the same as it did back in 1998. Regardless, maybe now more than ever we need the one who called himself SONICFAN to return.

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