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SMPS Archive
Current owner(s): Irixion
Type of site: General/Archive
Created on: August 4, 2008
Current status: Online

SMPS Archive is an archive of music files for the Sonic 1 SMPS driver to be used in hacks. It was founded by Irixionon August 4, 2008, to aid hackers in need of music. The initial idea was to make a private archive, but it was eventually taken public.


The Beginning

The site originally started out as being Irixion's blog. After getting banned on Sonic Retro, Irixion felt like he needed a place to vent. voice agreed to host the blog on RandomSonicNet. However, there was no name. voice had suggested 'Sonic Sanctuary'--a 'sanctuary'--a place to get away from it all. After a quick logo was made, the site made its launch.

The Transformation

After being on RandomSonicNet for a short period of time, the site migrated to a local server, where it is now hosted by Digibase Operations. After the move, it was debated whether the site should remain open or not. Irixion started brainstorming ideas for the site, and how it can be made unique.

General ROM Modification

The first initial 'forum' that existed was just a regular Sonic Community. It was the home of a few projects, Sonic 2 Revamped and Sonic: Super Deformed to name a few. While being very small, Irixion was still trying to find a way to attract members to the site.

The Art Archive

Having seen the SCAA be born in front of his eyes, Irixion thought he should make a 'spin off' of the site. The original concept was to include bits and pieces of level art, that people can contribute in publicly. The forums never took off, so ultimately, the idea was scrapped, and it was back to the cutting board.

The SMPS Archive

The perfect idea came to be. Irixion had noticed that a lot of people were in need of music for their ROM modifications. Knowing how to make SMPS tracks, he started a small private archive. When the Art Archive he had failed, the pieces just fit together, and thus the SMPS Archive was born. The site stayed under the name of Sonic Sanctuary for a while, but was eventually renamed to SMPS ARCHIVE.

Saying Goodbye To The SonicSanctuary

While the forums and community have grown to a reasonable size, on April 26th, 2010, the migration to began, Slowly but surely.

Migration to SMF

Due to IPB costing money to keep updated, it was decided that migration to other 'easier to manage' boards was needed. One of the administrators suggested SMF, and that's when the transition began. It is still underway today. The old URL will also soon be defuc't, about a month after migration is complete.

Site Summary

Members may "request" music they would like for their hack, which may or may not be filled in by other archive members. Submissions to the archive go through a process of being approved before being finalized. A voice archive is also present, and members can contribute these as well. There are numerous features available at the site, including a shout-box, various music related hacking tools, as well as songs ported from other games to the Sonic 1 SMPS driver. Of course, the main attraction, the archive, is included as well.