Sonic Adventure 2/Object Editing

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Clipping Distance Tweaking

I saw on this page that in the set.bin lives a number that can be changed to set the 'clipping level' of objects. Assuming that meant the draw distance, I downloaded HxD, opened up the _u file for Final Rush, and found that nearly every byte in that spot was 4. The article said they only go from 0-2, but they were consistent, so I went through and changed them all to 0. Then this happened. A bunch of cosmetic objects turned into item boxes, checkpoints, goal rings, and the like. So something messed up, but that byte looks the most like that'd be the clipping one. In the _s file, they change more, but they're almost always between 0-4. What did I do wrong? BenAgain (talk) 14:45, 19 March 2015 (CDT)