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The SCHG How-to: series is a spinoff from the Sonic Community Hacking Guide with a focus on how-to, tutorials, and supplementary education. Whereas the traditional SCHG serves more as a map for users to navigate a ROM for themselves, the How-to series is more a "how to get from point A to point B" set of directions. Tutorials range from the very basic to very complex, with an eye towards making sure no part of the process is assumed or left out.

General How-Tos


Sonic 1

Fixing bugs

These guides describe the steps to take to fix bugs that are present in the original game or bugs that occur after altering something in the game.

Changing design choices

These guides describe how you can alter some behaviors in the game that might not be to your liking.

Adding features

These guides describe step-by-step how to add new features in the game. After following one of these guides, the feature should be fully functional in the game with no further work.

Sound features

These guides cover the application of music and sound effects in the game. After following these guides, porting and adding original music should be possible.

Extending the game

These guides will prepare you to introduce new content in the game. Merely following these guides will usually have no immediate effect in the game; you will need to provide custom content.


Qjimbo's Split Disassembly Guides

These guides were formerly hosted on The Glowing Bridge.

Sonic 2

Fixing bugs

Design Choices & Features

Extending the game


Sonic 2 Master System

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Sonic Advance 3

Sonic Adventure 1/DX

Sonic Generations

To add your own how-to, simply add an article with SCHG How-to: before the name, which will register it with the correct namespace.