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Fix 99+ Lives

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(Original guide by Alex Field)

In Sonic 2, it's possible to get 99+ lives by the 1up or super ring monitor; doing so will bug-out the lives counter, so let's prevent this.

At sonic_1up, change the code to this:

	addq.w	#1,(Monitors_Broken).w
	cmpi.b	#99,(Life_count).w
	bhs.s	+
	addq.b	#1,(Life_count).w
	addq.b	#1,(Update_HUD_lives).w
	move.w	#MusID_ExtraLife,d0
	jsr	(PlayMusic).l	; Play extra life music

Then at tails_1up, change the code to this:

	addq.w	#1,(Monitors_Broken_2P).w
	cmpi.b	#99,(Life_count_2P).w
	bhs.s	+
	addq.b	#1,(Life_count_2P).w
	addq.b	#1,(Update_HUD_lives_2P).w
	move.w	#MusID_ExtraLife,d0
	jsr	(PlayMusic).l	; Play extra life music
SCHG How-To Guide: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
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