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The following is a listing of the English-language voice files in Sonic Heroes. These files are located in dvdroot\bgm\SH_VOICE_E.afs.

Sonic Heroes/Sound Editing/Voices/1
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Filename (.ahx) Character Contents Notes
act01_p07_sn Sonic “D'wyoh!”
act01_p09_sn Sonic “Aoouaaa!”
act01_p10_sn Sonic “Noooo!”
act01_p12_sn Sonic “Sshoot!”
act01_p14_sn Sonic “Ready any time!”
act01_p15_sn Sonic “Are you ready!?”
act01_p16_sn Sonic “Okay!”
act01_p17_sn Sonic “Blast away!”
act01_p18_sn Sonic “Heh-heh.”
act01_p19_sn Sonic “Yeah.”
act01_p20_sn Sonic “Yahoo!”
act01_p21_sn Sonic “All-right!”
act01_p22_sn Sonic “That's it!!”
act01_p23_sn Sonic “Yes!”
act01_p24_sn Sonic “Here we go!”
act01_p25_sn Sonic “Level up!”
act01_p26_sn Sonic “All right! Let's go!”
act01_p27_sn Sonic “Hey guys, better luck next time!”
act01_p28_sn Sonic “You're gonna pay for this!”
act01_p29_sn Sonic “Okay! No more playing around!”
act01_p30_sn Sonic “You're mine!”
act01_p31_sn Sonic “Catch me if you can!”
act01_p32_sn Sonic “Thanks for the Chaos Emerald!”
act01_p33_sn Sonic “No holding back!”
act01_p34_sn Sonic “That was too easy!”
act01_p35_sn Sonic “Here we come!”
act01_p36_sn Sonic “Not bad!”
act01_p37_sn Sonic “Yes! That's the power of teamwork!”
act01_p38_sn Sonic “Let's blast through this race!”
act01_p39_sn Sonic “This race is mine!”
act01_p40_sn Sonic “Don't hold anything back now!”
act01_p41_sn Sonic “Never underestimate Sonic speed!”
act01_p42_sn Sonic “Let's blast through with Sonic speed!”
act01_p43_sn Sonic “Bring it on!”
act01_p44_sn Sonic “There's no time to waste!”
act01_p45_sn Sonic “Yyyes!”
act01_p46_sn Sonic “*whistle* That was tight!”
act01_p47_sn Sonic “Too easy!”
act01_p48_sn Sonic “Barely made it!”
act01_p49_sn Sonic “Hmm. No problem!”
act01_p50_sn Sonic “Ssshoot. Not my day.”
act01_p51_sn Sonic “Piecea cake. Too easy!”
act01_p52_sn Sonic “Marriage!? No way!”
act01_p53_sn Sonic “I've got no time to waste on these pests!”
act01_p54_sn Sonic “Eggman, you know you can't win!”
act01_p55_sn Sonic “Hey guys, chill out.”
act01_p56_sn Sonic “What? That's it?”
act01_p57_sn Sonic “Great party, Eggman!”
act02_p03_tl Tails “*sigh*”
act02_p07_kn Knuckles “*croak*”
act02_p07_tl Tails “Ahhh!”
act02_p09_kn Knuckles “Ouuuwaa!”
act02_p09_tl Tails “Auahh!”
act02_p10_kn Knuckles “Wouuh!”
act02_p10_tl Tails “Eeehhh!”
act02_p12_kn Knuckles “Shoot!”
act02_p12_tl Tails “Oh no!”
act02_p14_kn Knuckles “All ready!!?”
act02_p15_kn Knuckles “You guys ready?”
act02_p15_tl Tails “All set!”
act02_p16_kn Knuckles “Okay!”
act02_p16_tl Tails “Are you guys ready?”
act02_p17_kn Knuckles “Hmm!”
act02_p17_tl Tails “Yes!”
act02_p18_kn Knuckles “Okay.”
act02_p18_tl Tails “Okay!”
act02_p19_kn Knuckles “Not bad!”
act02_p19_tl Tails “Yeah!”
act02_p20_kn Knuckles “Yeah!!”
act02_p20_tl Tails “All right!”
act02_p21_kn Knuckles “Too cool!”
act02_p21_tl Tails “Got it!”
act02_p22_kn Knuckles “All right!”
act02_p22_tl Tails “That was great!”
act02_p23_kn Knuckles “Got it!”
act02_p23_tl Tails “All right!”
act02_p24_kn Knuckles “Level up!”
act02_p24_tl Tails “Here we go!”
act02_p25_kn Knuckles “No way we're losing this one!”
act02_p25_tl Tails “Level up!”
act02_p26_kn Knuckles “We won!”
act02_p26_tl Tails “Ain't gonna lose this time!”
act02_p27_kn Knuckles “I'll make you pay!”
act02_p27_tl Tails “*giggle* We won!”
act02_p28_kn Knuckles “Now that's going too far!”
act02_p28_tl Tails “Nnno!!”
act02_p29_kn Knuckles “Time for a knuckle sandwich!”
act02_p29_tl Tails “You're gonna pay for this!”
act02_p30_kn Knuckles “No one can match the power of my fists!”
act02_p30_tl Tails “Want some more?”
act02_p31_kn Knuckles “We won't give up the Chaos Emerald!”
act02_p31_tl Tails “We won!”
act02_p32_kn Knuckles “Win at all costs!”
act02_p32_tl Tails “Thanks for the Chaos Emerald!”
act02_p33_kn Knuckles “Way too easy!”
act02_p33_tl Tails “The one with the most rings wins!”
act02_p34_kn Knuckles “See ya.”
act02_p34_tl Tails “Got tons of rings!”
act02_p35_kn Knuckles “Huh. Guess you ain't half bad.”
act02_p35_tl Tails “Excuse me!”
act02_p36_kn Knuckles “Nobody beats Team Sonic!”
act02_p36_tl Tails “What?”
act02_p37_kn Knuckles “We'll show you!”
act02_p37_tl Tails “Glad Knuckles and Sonic are on my team!”
act02_p38_kn Knuckles “Allright!!”
act02_p38_tl Tails “This is a quick race!”
act02_p39_kn Knuckles “With these fists we can't lose!”
act02_p39_tl Tails “All right! We won!”
act02_p40_kn Knuckles “We'll take you on anytime!”
act02_p40_tl Tails “No holding back this time!”
act02_p41_kn Knuckles “Alright!”
act02_p41_tl Tails “Yeah! Team Sonic wins!”
act02_p42_kn Knuckles “There's still more to come!”
act02_p42_tl Tails “O-kay!”
act02_p43_kn Knuckles “We better hurry!”
act02_p43_tl Tails “We'll win this time!”
act02_p44_kn Knuckles “All right!”
act02_p44_tl Tails “Hurry! We're running out of time!”
act02_p45_kn Knuckles “Perfect!”
act02_p45_tl Tails “All right!”
act02_p46_kn Knuckles “Hmm, not bad!”
act02_p46_tl Tails “Sonic! Knuckles! We did it!!”
act02_p47_kn Knuckles “Guess that's about it!”
act02_p47_tl Tails “Not too shabby!”
act02_p48_kn Knuckles “I didn't use all my strength!”
act02_p48_tl Tails “Guess that's that!”
act02_p49_kn Knuckles “Just enough to pass.”
act02_p49_tl Tails “A bit tough!”
act02_p50_kn Knuckles “Hmph! Ready for the junk pile!”
act02_p50_tl Tails “We can do better...”
act02_p51_kn Knuckles “Sorry, but we're in a bit of a rush.”
act02_p51_tl Tails “Amazing machine, but not amazing enough!”
act02_p52_kn Knuckles “What a waste!”
act02_p52_tl Tails “Sorry, but we're in a hurry!”
act02_p53_kn Knuckles “Eggman, you'll never beat us!”
act02_p53_tl Tails “Making robots is the same as breaking them!”
act02_p54_kn Knuckles “What a ruthless bunch!”
act02_p54_tl Tails “Take that, Eggman!”
act02_p55_kn Knuckles “Not a very bright move for a genius.”
act02_p55_tl Tails “If only we had more time...”
act02_p56_kn Knuckles “The three of us are unstoppable!”
act02_p56_tl Tails “Phew! I need a break from those robots!”
act02_p57_tl Tails “You're finished, Eggman!”
act03_p07_sd Shadow “Hyuh! Kyu!”
act03_p09_sd Shadow “Rrrghh!...”
act03_p10_sd Shadow “H'w'uh!...”
act03_p12_sd Shadow “Ssss-shoot!
act03_p14_sd Shadow “Now's the time!”
act03_p15_sd Shadow “I'll show you our power!”
act03_p16_sd Shadow “Okay!”
act03_p17_sd Shadow “Chaos Control!”
act03_p18_sd Shadow “Hmph!”
act03_p19_sd Shadow “Come on!”
act03_p20_sd Shadow “Nnnaturally.”
act03_p21_sd Shadow “Just watch this.”
act03_p22_sd Shadow “This is the ultimate power!”
act03_p23_sd Shadow “Good!”
act03_p24_sd Shadow “Let's go!”
act03_p25_sd Shadow “Level up!”
act03_p26_sd Shadow “You'll regret this.”
act03_p27_sd Shadow “Your weakness disgusts me.”
act03_p28_sd Shadow “Getting serious, eh?”
act03_p29_sd Shadow “Don't get carried away.”
act03_p30_sd Shadow “Hmph! You have no idea what you're up against.”
act03_p31_sd Shadow “And I wasn't even trying.”
act03_p32_sd Shadow “We'll take that Chaos Emerald.”
act03_p33_sd Shadow “I'll take you on.”
act03_p34_sd Shadow “Did you really think you had a chance?”
act03_p35_sd Shadow “Hmm.”
act03_p36_sd Shadow “Not bad.”
act03_p37_sd Shadow “Think twice before challenging us again.”
act03_p38_sd Shadow “Let me show you the ultimate speed!”
act03_p39_sd Shadow “I warned you, didn't I? I'm the ultimate life-form.”
act03_p40_sd Shadow “The outcome is obvious.”
act03_p41_sd Shadow “You'll never defeat us!”
act03_p42_sd Shadow “I'll show you the ultimate power!”
act03_p43_sd Shadow “Whatever it takes, I'll find the truth.”
act03_p44_sd Shadow “Only 50 left!”
act03_p45_sd Shadow “Hmph!”
act03_p46_sd Shadow “Perfect as always!”
act03_p47_sd Shadow “Piece of cake.”
act03_p48_sd Shadow “Just average.”
act03_p49_sd Shadow “Not taking this seriously.”
act03_p50_sd Shadow “What's wrong with me?”
act03_p51_sd Shadow “Don't underestimate me, Doctor.”
act03_p52_sd Shadow “You should thank me for letting you live.”
act03_p53_sd Shadow “Hmph. Worthless pieces of junk.”
act03_p54_sd Shadow “Did you forget who I am, Doctor?”
act03_p55_sd Shadow “Just a fake – Like I thought.”
act03_p56_sd Shadow “That won't stop us, Doctor.”
act03_p57_sd Shadow “End of the line, Eggman.”
act04_p03_rg Rouge “*sigh*”
act04_p07_rg Rouge “It's no use!”
act04_p09_rg Rouge “Aaaugh!”
act04_p10_rg Rouge “Aaauhuh!”
act04_p12_rg Rouge “What are you doing!?”
act04_p15_rg Rouge “Any time now.”
act04_p16_rg Rouge “Ready? Let's go!”
act04_p17_rg Rouge “Okay!”
act04_p18_rg Rouge “Okay.”
act04_p19_rg Rouge “Yeah!”
act04_p20_rg Rouge “All right!”
act04_p21_rg Rouge “Great!”
act04_p22_rg Rouge “Just as planned.”
act04_p23_rg Rouge “Got it!”
act04_p24_rg Rouge “Here we go!”
act04_p25_rg Rouge “Level up!”
act04_p26_rg Rouge “Believe me, it's not gonna be easy.”
act04_p27_rg Rouge “Didn't think we were so good, did you?”
act04_p28_rg Rouge “You won't get away with this!”
act04_p29_rg Rouge “You asked for it!”
act04_p30_rg Rouge “Don't know when to quit, do you? Ready for another round?”
act04_p31_rg Rouge “Winning is everything.”
act04_p32_rg Rouge “All the world's jewels will be mine!”
act04_p33_rg Rouge “Hmp. We win, as usual.”
act04_p34_rg Rouge “Didn't you know that I'm a - treasure hunter? You really didn't think you had a chance, did you?”
act04_p35_rg Rouge “See ya!”
act04_p36_rg Rouge “Hey, ladies first!”
act04_p37_rg Rouge “You guys need real help!”
act04_p38_rg Rouge “You want it? You got it.”
act04_p39_rg Rouge “It's over in a blink of an eye.”
act04_p40_rg Rouge “Winning is everything, you know.”
act04_p41_rg Rouge “The new Team Dark is simply unbeatable!”
act04_p42_rg Rouge “I'm counting on you guys!”
act04_p43_rg Rouge “This time it won't be that easy!”
act04_p44_rg Rouge “Only 30 more to go!”
act04_p45_rg Rouge “All-right.”
act04_p46_rg Rouge “Perfect – as usual.”
act04_p47_rg Rouge “Piece-a cake.”
act04_p48_rg Rouge “Mmm, not bad.”
act04_p49_rg Rouge “I can do better...”
act04_p50_rg Rouge “I'm ashamed to call myself a treasure hunter!”
act04_p51_rg Rouge “Obviously the Doctor's robots are useless.”
act04_p52_rg Rouge “Best to keep your guard up while those guys are around.”
act04_p53_rg Rouge “Phew! Did we get them all?”
act04_p54_rg Rouge “Why not just give it up, Doctor.”
act04_p55_rg Rouge “Sorry, but no time for greetings.”
act04_p56_rg Rouge “I've had enough of those guys.”
act04_p57_rg Rouge “Thanks for the treasure, Doc.”
act05_p09_om Omega “Pa-ra-ly-sis!”
act05_p10_om Omega “Mission failed.”
act05_p12_om Omega “Out of control.”
act05_p14_om Omega “Activation ready.”
act05_p15_om Omega “Activate secret weapon.”
act05_p16_om Omega “Affirmative.”
act05_p17_om Omega “Destroy.”
act05_p18_om Omega “Kill!”
act05_p19_om Omega “Worthless consumer models!”
act05_p20_om Omega “Step aside!”
act05_p21_om Omega “Eradicate!”
act05_p22_om Omega “Good.”
act05_p23_om Omega “Reloaded.”
act05_p24_om Omega “Level up.”
act05_p25_om Omega “Victory.”
act05_p26_om Omega “Interesting.”
act05_p27_om Omega “Limiter off.”
act05_p28_om Omega “Target set. Initiate Close-Range Battle mode.”
act05_p29_om Omega “Annihilation completed.”
act05_p30_om Omega “Chaos Emerald obtained!”
act05_p31_om Omega “Loss unacceptable.”
act05_p32_om Omega “No competition.”
act05_p33_om Omega “Passing.”
act05_p34_om Omega “Passed.”
act05_p35_om Omega “We are great.”
act05_p36_om Omega “Mission acquired. Initiating quick battle mode.”
act05_p37_om Omega “You are weak.”
act05_p38_om Omega “I'll show you the power of Omega.”
act05_p39_om Omega “I am Omega, the ultimate E-Series robot.”
act05_p40_om Omega “No need to mention.”
act05_p41_om Omega “Continue mission.”
act05_p42_om Omega “Ten more to defeat to complete mission.”
act05_p43_om Omega “Mission completed.”
act05_p44_om Omega “I am Omega – The ultimate E-Series robot!”
act05_p45_om Omega “This proves my power!”
act05_p46_om Omega “Satisfactory level.”
act05_p47_om Omega “Power balance adjustment needed.”
act05_p48_om Omega “I couldn't even beat Gamma or Beta.”
act05_p49_om Omega “Cruiser battleship: destroyed!”
act05_p50_om Omega “Suspicious group: destroyed.”
act05_p51_om Omega “A troop of sentry robots: destroyed.”
act05_p52_om Omega “Large weapon transporter battleship: destroyed.”
act05_p53_om Omega “Group of Shadow-like creatures: destroyed.”
act05_p54_om Omega “Sentry robot troop: destroyed.”
act05_p55_om Omega “Large ultimate battle robot: destroyed!”
act05_p56_om Omega “Power save: off. Full power battle mode: on.”
act06_p07_am Amy “That's no way to treat a lady!”
act06_p09_am Amy “Nnooo!...”
act06_p10_am Amy “Aaah!”
act06_p12_am Amy “Let me go!”
act06_p14_am Amy “Ready any time!”
act06_p15_am Amy “Showtime!”
act06_p16_am Amy “O-kay!”
act06_p17_am Amy “*laugh*”
act06_p18_am Amy “*laugh*”
act06_p19_am Amy “Alright!”
act06_p20_am Amy “How's that?”
act06_p21_am Amy “Not bad!”
act06_p22_am Amy “Excellent!”
act06_p23_am Amy “Alright!”
act06_p24_am Amy “Let's go!”
act06_p25_am Amy “Level up!”
act06_p26_am Amy “Ready to show them Team Rose!”
act06_p27_am Amy “*giggle* Victory for us!”
act06_p28_am Amy “You're asking for it!”
act06_p29_am Amy “I've had enough of this!”
act06_p30_am Amy “Don't let my cute looks fool you!”
act06_p31_am Amy “What? Are you finished? How boring.”
act06_p32_am Amy “We got the Chaos Emerald!”
act06_p33_am Amy “Let's get them all!”
act06_p34_am Amy “Loo-ser!”
act06_p35_am Amy “See ya!”
act06_p36_am Amy “Wait a second!”
act06_p37_am Amy “Because we're the best!”
act06_p38_am Amy “Let's wrap this up quickly!”
act06_p39_am Amy “Are you guys for real?”
act06_p40_am Amy “We'll win this race to win the heart of Sonic!”
act06_p41_am Amy “Sonic would love me to death!”
act06_p42_am Amy “We're up!”
act06_p43_am Amy “Sonic, this time there's no escape!”
act06_p44_am Amy “Only 100 more rings to go!”
act06_p45_am Amy “All right!”
act06_p46_am Amy “We're, like, awesome!”
act06_p47_am Amy “I just knew we could do it!”
act06_p48_am Amy “Guess this will do...”
act06_p49_am Amy “Guess we could'a tried harder.”
act06_p50_am Amy “We couldn't even impress Sonic like this...”
act06_p51_am Amy “Why does he keep making these machines?”
act06_p52_am Amy “Sonic! Let's go on our honeymoon!!”
act06_p53_am Amy “Man! There sure were lots of them!”
act06_p54_am Amy “Let's go look for Froggy and Chocola now!”
act06_p55_am Amy “Sorry, but there's no time for this.”
act06_p56_am Amy “Robot freaks are so disgusting!”
act06_p57_am Amy “My love is undeniably powerful!”
act07_p03_cr Cream “I'm getting tired.”
act07_p07_cr Cream “That's not very nice!”
act07_p09_cr Cream “*laughing*”
act07_p10_cr Cream “W'aaaao!...”
act07_p12_cr Cream “Please, lemme go!”
act07_p15_cr Cream “We're ready to go, anytime!”
act07_p16_cr Cream “Are you all ready?”
act07_p17_cr Cream “Yes!”
act07_p18_cr Cream “*giggle*”
act07_p19_cr Cream “Eh-heh!”
act07_p20_cr Cream “Haha'a!”
act07_p21_cr Cream “All right!”
act07_p22_cr Cream “That's great!”
act07_p23_cr Cream “Great job!”
act07_p24_cr Cream “Wow!”
act07_p25_cr Cream “Let's go!”
act07_p26_cr Cream “Level up!”
act07_p27_cr Cream “This time we won't lose!”
act07_p28_cr Cream “We did it! We won, Cheese!”
act07_p29_cr Cream “How could you do such a thing?”
act07_p30_cr Cream “I won't forget this!”
act07_p31_cr Cream “Do you wanna try again? I think it's better if you don't.”
act07_p32_cr Cream “Are you okay? We didn't hurt you, did we?”
act07_p33_cr Cream “Thank you for the Chaos Emerald!”
act07_p34_cr Cream “We're going to try for real this time. Is that okay?”
act07_p35_cr Cream “We won, just as we thought.”
act07_p36_cr Cream “Pardon us!”
act07_p37_cr Cream “They passed us!”
act07_p38_cr Cream “It's a victory for Team Rose!”
act07_p39_cr Cream “It's a short race so stay focused!”
act07_p40_cr Cream “That was a quick win.”
act07_p41_cr Cream “Let's do our best.”
act07_p42_cr Cream “We did it! Team Rose is number one!”
act07_p43_cr Cream “You can count on me!”
act07_p44_cr Cream “For Chocola, we have to win!”
act07_p45_cr Cream “Everyone, only 50 more rings to go!”
act07_p46_cr Cream “We did it!”
act07_p47_cr Cream
act07_p48_cr Cream “As long as we stay together, we can do anything!”
act07_p49_cr Cream “Cheese, you did great too! Thank you!”
act07_p50_cr Cream “That was pretty tough.”
act07_p51_cr Cream “Disappointing.”
act07_p52_cr Cream “We broke Dr. Eggman's machine.”
act07_p53_cr Cream “We're sorry, Team Sonic!”
act07_p54_cr Cream “That was quite a challenge!”
act07_p55_cr Cream “Okay, Cheese! Let's go find Chocola!”
act07_p56_cr Cream “You cannot have Cheese!”
act07_p57_cr Cream “There were so many of them!”
act07_p58_cr Cream “Dr. Eggman, please stop being bad!”
act07_p59_cr Cream “(sing-song) Round-n-round we go...”
act08_p07_bg Big “I can't...”
act08_p09_bg Big “I feel numb...”
act08_p10_bg Big “Aaah!”
act08_p12_bg Big “Wha – I can't move!”
act08_p14_bg Big “Oh, goody.”
act08_p15_bg Big “Are we ready?”
act08_p16_bg Big “O-kay!”
act08_p17_bg Big “Heh-heh.”
act08_p18_bg Big “Oooh!”
act08_p19_bg Big “Great!”
act08_p20_bg Big “Yahooo!”
act08_p21_bg Big “We did it! We did it!”
act08_p22_bg Big “Got it!”
act08_p23_bg Big “Let's go!”
act08_p24_bg Big “Level up!”
act08_p25_bg Big “Mmm... Maybe we should try harder this time.”
act08_p26_bg Big “It's our win!”
act08_p27_bg Big “Whaaat?”
act08_p28_bg Big “Hey, you can't do that!”
act08_p29_bg Big “We don't like violence!”
act08_p30_bg Big “Sorry... Sometimes I'm too strong.”
act08_p31_bg Big “Got the Chaos Emerald!”
act08_p32_bg Big “Time to get serious.”
act08_p33_bg Big “We won! We won!”
act08_p34_bg Big “Zoom.”
act08_p35_bg Big “Uh-oh.”
act08_p36_bg Big “We're the best.”
act08_p37_bg Big “Maybe we can try faster this time.”
act08_p38_bg Big “We're faster than them!”
act08_p39_bg Big “I wonder if we can win if we try really hard.”
act08_p40_bg Big “We did it! We won!”
act08_p41_bg Big “Okay! Here we go!”
act08_p42_bg Big “Froggy... wait for me!”
act08_p43_bg Big “Only ten more rings!”
act08_p44_bg Big “Woohoo!”
act08_p45_bg Big “Kinda super-duper happy!”
act08_p46_bg Big “That was gooood!”
act08_p47_bg Big “Not too bad, I guess.”
act08_p48_bg Big “We should try to do better next time.”
act08_p49_bg Big “I'm feeling a little blue...”
act08_p50_bg Big “That was a huge birdie!”
act08_p51_bg Big “Hmm... I wonder if Froggy is here?”
act08_p52_bg Big “Why are there so many of them?”
act08_p53_bg Big “I have to find Froggy.”
act08_p54_bg Big “It's not nice to make fun of my friends.”
act08_p55_bg Big “Is it finished?”
act08_p56_bg Big “We did it! Now I can take Froggy home with me!”
act09_p07_es Espio “Mmissed...”
act09_p09_es Espio “*struggling*”
act09_p10_es Espio “Oowaauhh!”
act09_p12_es Espio “N't! *struggling*”
act09_p14_es Espio “Ready anytime!”
act09_p15_es Espio “Do or die!”
act09_p16_es Espio “Hmph!”
act09_p17_es Espio “(singing off-key) Born in the darkness, to live in the darkness, that's the ninja's creed...”
act09_p18_es Espio “Nnngh!”
act09_p19_es Espio “Good!”
act09_p20_es Espio “Okay!”
act09_p21_es Espio “Spirits unite!”
act09_p22_es Espio “Behold, ninja power!”
act09_p23_es Espio “Mmm!”
act09_p24_es Espio “Let's go!”
act09_p25_es Espio “Level up!”
act09_p26_es Espio “We'll take you on, but I promise, you'll regret this.”
act09_p27_es Espio “Seems like you need more training.”
act09_p28_es Espio “Keep your eyes on those guys.”
act09_p29_es Espio “That's it!”
act09_p30_es Espio “No holds barred.”
act09_p31_es Espio “Die a lonely death.”
act09_p32_es Espio “Chaos Emerald captured.”
act09_p33_es Espio “You leave me no choice.”
act09_p34_es Espio “Clarity of mind is the key to victory.”
act09_p35_es Espio “Excuse us.”
act09_p36_es Espio “You little – !”
act09_p37_es Espio “All for one, and one for all.”
act09_p38_es Espio “Witness my ninja power, before your very eyes.”
act09_p39_es Espio “Faster than the wind.”
act09_p40_es Espio “If you have the spirit to fight, we shall proceed.”
act09_p41_es Espio “Nothing's sweeter... than the taste of victory.”
act09_p42_es Espio “Witness my ninja power.”
act09_p43_es Espio “I won't fail this time.”
act09_p44_es Espio “Roger.”
act09_p45_es Espio “Impossible feat! Ultimate ninja power.”
act09_p46_es Espio “Good job. Nothing more to be said.”
act09_p47_es Espio “Not bad. No complaints.”
act09_p48_es Espio “Be on guard. Focus, and prepare yourself.”
act09_p49_es Espio “Insulting. Your training has been a waste of time.”
act09_p50_es Espio “Death to the evil one. Prepare to die, Eggman.”
act09_p51_es Espio “You won't get off so easily next time.”
act09_p52_es Espio “Such a disorderly crowd. Just a waste of our time.”
act09_p53_es Espio “Target destroyed.”
act09_p54_es Espio “Forgive me, but this is our duty.”
act09_p55_es Espio “Did he really think he could stop us with that?”
act09_p56_es Espio “Evil must die! This world has no place for evil.”
act10_p03_ch Charmy “I'm tired.”
act10_p07_ch Charmy “Aahh-ow...”
act10_p09_ch Charmy “Aaah!”
act10_p10_ch Charmy “Whaooo!...”
act10_p12_ch Charmy “Lemme go!”
act10_p15_ch Charmy “Got it!”
act10_p16_ch Charmy “Let's do it!”
act10_p17_ch Charmy “Yyyeeah!”
act10_p18_ch Charmy “(singing off-key) Bee-bee-bee! Charmy the Bee! Charmy the Bee's got lots of honey!”
act10_p19_ch Charmy “We did it!”
act10_p20_ch Charmy “Here it comes!”
act10_p21_ch Charmy “Cool!”
act10_p22_ch Charmy “That was a blast!”
act10_p23_ch Charmy “Awesome!”
act10_p24_ch Charmy “Thank you!”
act10_p25_ch Charmy “Let's go!”
act10_p26_ch Charmy “Level up!”
act10_p27_ch Charmy “We're gonna blow you away one more time!”
act10_p28_ch Charmy “Ahahaha! We won!”
act10_p29_ch Charmy “What?”
act10_p30_ch Charmy “Now I'm mad!”
act10_p31_ch Charmy “All right! Let's go around one more time!”
act10_p26_ch Charmy “Level up!”
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