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SCHG: Sonic Heroes
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This is the Sonic Community Hacking Guide for Sonic Heroes.

This page is for information that does not fit into another page and does not warrant its own page.

Types of Archives

.ONE Archives

Contain various types of game data; usually Texture Archives, Animations and Models. Files within .ONE Archives are typically compressed .PRS files.

.PRS files can be unpacked and repacked using the command-line based ONE_Unpk and ONE_Pack (info) (77 kB), respectively, created by Lightning.

.TXD Archives

Contain the game's textures in DDS format.

Due to the nature of Sonic Heroes of being a game using the Renderware engine, some tools created for editing Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas can be used for Sonic Heroes as well.
Generally, ViceTXD (info) (505 kB) by Spooky works best for Heroes' files, although it cannot edit Mipmaps.

Note: Some of the TXD archives strewn throughout the PC version's files appear to be leftovers from the Gamecube version and are not compatible with any known TXD-archive-editors/viewers.

Other File Types

  • .BSPs: Inside the files are .PRS files, which contain .BSP files (similar to Quake); these contain the level geometry. It seems that the level geometry is stored in numerous .ONE files for each level.
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