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Sound Effects and Voices

The following is the listing of the english voice files in Sonic Heroes. These files are located in dvdroot\bgm\SH_VOICE_E.afs.

Act 1: Seaside Hill

File (.ahx) Character Contents Notes
act01_p07_sn Sonic *screams* hurt
act01_p09_sn Sonic *screams* hurt
act01_p10_sn Sonic Noooo
act01_p12_sn Sonic Shoot
act01_p14_sn Sonic Ready any time Team Blast ready (Team Sonic)
act01_p15_sn Sonic Are you ready
act01_p16_sn Sonic Okay
act01_p17_sn Sonic Blast away Team Blast (Team Sonic)
act01_p18_sn Sonic He he
act01_p19_sn Sonic Yeah
act01_p20_sn Sonic Yahoo
act01_p21_sn Sonic Alright
act01_p22_sn Sonic That's it
act01_p23_sn Sonic Yes
act01_p24_sn Sonic Here we go
act01_p25_sn Sonic Level Up Level Up (Sonic)
act01_p26_sn Sonic Alright, let's go
act01_p27_sn Sonic Hey guys, better luck next time
act01_p28_sn Sonic You gonna pay for this
act01_p29_sn Sonic Okay, no more playing around
act01_p30_sn Sonic You're mine
act01_p31_sn Sonic Catch me if you can
act01_p32_sn Sonic Thanks for the chaos emerald CE level finished
act01_p33_sn Sonic No holding back
act01_p34_sn Sonic That was too easy Rank
act01_p35_sn Sonic Here we come
act01_p36_sn Sonic Not bad
act01_p37_sn Sonic Yes, that's the power of teamwork
act01_p38_sn Sonic Let's blast through this race
act01_p39_sn Sonic This race is mine
act01_p40_sn Sonic Don't hold anything back now
act01_p41_sn Sonic
act01_p42_sn Sonic Let's blast through with sonic speed Team Blast (Team Sonic)
act01_p43_sn Sonic Bring it on
act01_p44_sn Sonic There's no time to waste
act01_p45_sn Sonic Yes
act01_p46_sn Sonic *whistles* That was tight
act01_p47_sn Sonic Too easy Rank
act01_p48_sn Sonic Barely made it Rank
act01_p49_sn Sonic Hmmm... No problem Rank
act01_p50_sn Sonic Shoot. Not my day Rank
act01_p51_sn Sonic Piece of cake. Too easy Rank
act01_p52_sn Sonic Marriage? No way vs. Team Rose
act01_p53_sn Sonic I've got no time to waste on these paths
act01_p54_sn Sonic Eggman, you know you can't win
act01_p55_sn Sonic Hey guys, chill out
act01_p56_sn Sonic What? That's it?
act01_p57_sn Sonic Great party, Eggman
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