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The following is a listing of the music files in SADX. These files are located in SYSTEM\SOUNDDATA\BGM\WMA

# Filename(.wma) Title Notes
0 advamy Instruction: Amy
1 advbig Instruction: Big
2 adve102 Instruction: E-102
3 advknkls Instruction: Knuckles
4 advmiles Instruction: Tails
5 advsonic Instruction: Sonic
6 amy My Sweet Passion Amy's Theme
7 big Lazy Days~Livin' In Paradise Big's Theme
8 bossall Egg Mobile ...Boss: Egg Hornet
9 bosse101 Crazy Robo ...Boss: E-101R E-101mkII
10 bossevnt Fight for My Own Way ...Boss: Event Character Boss
11 bosstrgt Heartless Colleague ...Boss: E-Series Targets
12 casino1 The Dreamy Stage ...for Casinopolis Main Area
13 casino2 Dilapidated Way ...for Casinopolis Garbage
14 casino3 Blue Star ...for Casinopolis Sonic Pinball
15 casino4 Message from Nightopia NiGHTS Pinball
16 chao Theme of "CHAO" Chao Garden
17 chaogoal Chao Race Goal
18 chaohall Letz Get This Party Started ...for CHAO Race Entrance Unused
19 chaorace Join Us 4 Happy Time ...for CHAO Race
20 chaos Boss: CHAOS ver.0, 2, 4
21 chaos_6 Boss: CHAOS ver.6
22 chaos_p1 Boss: Perfect CHAOS
23 chaos_p2 Perfect CHAOS Revival! ...Boss: Perfect CHAOS
24 charactr Choose Your Buddy! Adventure Mode Character Select
25 circuit Twinkle Circuit
26 continue Will You Continue?
27 e102 Theme of "E-102g"
28 ecoast1 Azure Blue World ...for Emerald Coast Part 1
29 ecoast2 Windy and Ripply ...for Emerald Coast Part 2
30 ecoast3 BIG Fishes at Emerald Coast...
31 egcarer1 Egg Carrier - A Song That Keeps Us On The Move
32 egcarer2 Calm After the Storm ...Egg Carrier -the ocean-
33 eggman Theme of "Dr.EGGMAN"
34 eggmbl23 Militant Missionary ...Boss: Egg Walker & Egg Viper
35 eggrobo ZERO The Chase-master ...Boss: Eggman Robot -ZERO-
36 evtbgm00 Event: Sadness
37 evtbgm01 Event: Strain Used for Chaos
38 evtbgm02 Event: Unbound
39 evtbgm03 Event: Good-bye!
40 evtbgm04 Event: The Past
41 evtbgm05 Event: Fanfare for "Dr.EGGMAN"
42 finaleg1 Mechanical Resonance ...for Final Egg Parts 1,3 and Field
43 finaleg2 Crank the Heat Up!! ...for Final Egg Part 2
44 fishget Fish Get!
45 fishing and... Fish Hits!
46 fishmiss Fish Miss!
47 hammer Sweet Punch ...for Hedgehog Hammer
48 highway1 Run Through the Speed Highway ...for Speed Highway Part 1
49 highway2 Goin' Down!? ...for Speed Highway Part 2
50 highway3 At Dawn ...for Speed Highway Part 3
51 hurryup Amy: Hurry Up! Unused
52 icecap1 Snowy Mountain ...for Icecap Part 1
53 icecap2 Limestone Cave ...for Icecap Part 2
54 icecap3 Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy ...for Icecap Snowboarding
55 invncibl Invincible ...No Fear!
56 item1 Item
57 jingle_1 Jingle A Funky Groove Makes U Hot!? ...for Options
58 jingle_2 Jingle B Choose Your Buddy!
59 jingle_3 Jingle C Choose Your Buddy!
60 jingle_4 Jingle D Invincible ...No Fear!
61 jingle_5 Jingle E Open Your Heart Instrumental
62 KNUCKLES Unknown from M.E. Knuckles' Theme
63 lstwrld1 Tricky Maze ...for Lost World Part 1
64 lstwrld2 Danger! Chased by Rock ...for Lost World Sonic's Part 2
65 lstwrld3 Leading Lights ...for Lost World Sonic's Part 3, Knuckles' Part 2
66 mainthem Open your Heart -Main Theme of "SONIC Adventure"-
67 mstcln Mystic Ruin
68 nights_a removed
69 nights_k removed
70 nights_s removed
71 one_up Extend Unused
72 option Funky Groove Makes U Hot!? ...for Options
73 redmntn1 Mt. Red: a Symbol of Thrill ...for Red Mountain Part 1
74 redmntn2 Red Hot Skull ...for Red Mountain Part 2
75 rndclear Round Clear
76 s_square Welcome to Station Square
77 sandhill Sand Hill
78 scramble Tornado Scramble ...for Sky Chase
79 shelter1 Bad Taste Aquarium ...for Hot Shelter Part 1
80 shelter2 Red Barrage Area ...for Hot Shelter Part 2
81 skydeck1 Skydeck A Go! Go! ...for Sky Deck Part 1/2
82 skydeck2 General Offensive ...for Sky Deck
83 sonic It Doesn't Matter Sonic's Theme
84 sonic_cd Palmtree Panic Zone JP (Sonic CD) removed
85 speedup Hey You! It's Time to Speed Up!!!
86 sprsonic Theme of "SUPER SONIC"
87 ssracing Super Sonic Racing (Sonic R) removed
88 tails Believe in Myself Tails' Theme
89 theamy Appearance: AMY
90 thebig Appearance: BIG
91 thee102 Appearance: E-102
92 theknkls Appearance: KNUCKLES
93 themiles Appearance: MILES
94 thesonic Appearance: SONIC
95 tical Theme of "TIKAL"
96 timer Drowning
97 titl_egg Egg Carrier Transform
98 titl_mr1 Unused
99 titl_mr2 Unused
100 titl_ss Trial Version Quit
101 title Main Menu
102 title2 Title Screen
103 trial Trial
104 twnklpk1 Twinkle Cart ...for Twinkle Park Part 1
105 twnklpk2 Pleasure Castle ...for Twinkle Park Part 2
106 twnklpk3 Fakery Way ...for Twinkle Park Part 3
107 wndyvly1 Windy Hill ...for Windy Valley Part 1
108 wndyvly2 Tornado ...for Windy Valley Part 2
109 wndyvly3 The Air ...for Windy Valley Part 3
110 MSTART_44 Mission Start!
111 MCLEAR_44 Mission Clear!
112 chao_k_net_fine Chao: Level Up!
113 chao_g_iede Chao: Goodbye!  :(
114 CHAO_R_E Chao: Naming
115 c_btl_cv Chao Race Entry
116 chao_r_gate_open Chao Race Gate Open Unused
117 chao_g_born_h2 Hero Chaos Chao Born 2
118 chao_g_born_d2 Dark Chaos Chao Born 2
119 chao_g_born_c Chaos Chao Born
120 chao_g_born_h Hero Chaos Chao Born
121 chao_g_born_d Dark Chaos Chao Born
122 chao_g_dead Chao Died  :(
123 chao_g_dance Chao Dance
124 CHAO_K_M Chao: Black Market
255 Stop Music

Sound Effects and Voices

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The following is an incomplete listing of the sound effects and English voice files in SADX. These files are located in SYSTEM\SOUNDDATA\VOICE_US\WMA.

File (.wma) Character Contents Notes
0000 Narrator "Select a memory card."
0001 Narrator "Select a file."
0002 Narrator "This is the adventure mode. Start your adventure here."
0003 Narrator "This is the trial mode. You can practice here."
0004 Narrator "Select a character."
0005 Narrator "How to play as Sonic."
0006 Narrator "How to play as Tails."
0007 Narrator "How to play as Knuckles."
0008 Narrator "How to play as Amy."
0009 Narrator "How to play as E-102."
0010 Narrator "How to play as Big."
0011 Narrator "The rules for the action stages."
0012 Narrator "Select a stage."
0013 Narrator "Select a game."
0014 Narrator "Options: You can customize various options."
0015 Narrator "Sound Test: You can listen to various music tracks."
0016 Narrator "The memory card is not ready."
0017 Narrator "There is not enough memory in the memory card."
0018 Narrator "Select a memory card."
0019 Narrator "Select a file."
0020 Narrator "Adventure mode: Start your adventure here."
0021 Narrator "This is the trial mode. You can practice here."
0022 Narrator "Select a character."
0023 Narrator "How to play as Sonic."
0024 Narrator "How to play as Tails."
0025 Narrator "How to play as Knuckles."
0026 Narrator "How to play as Amy."
0027 Narrator "How to play as E-102."
0028 Narrator "How to play as Big."
0029 Narrator "The rules for the action stages. Don't forget to memorize it!"
0030 Narrator "Which stage do you want to play?"
0031 Narrator "Which game do you want to play?"
0032 Narrator "Options: You get to customize the features."
0033 Narrator "Sound Test: You get to listen to the music playing during the game."
0034 Narrator "You don't have a memory card set."
0035 Narrator "You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0036 Sonic "Select a memory card."
0037 Sonic "Select a file."
0038 Sonic "Adventure mode: You start your adventure here."
0039 Sonic "Trial mode: You get to play one stage."
0040 Sonic "Select your character."
0041 Sonic "How to play as me, Sonic."
0042 Sonic "How to play as Tails."
0043 Sonic "How to play as Knuckles."
0044 Sonic "How to play as Amy."
0045 Sonic "How to play as E-102 GAMMA."
0046 Sonic "How to play as Big."
0047 Sonic "How to clear the game. It might be tough unless you know everything."
0048 Sonic "Select a stage."
0049 Sonic "Select a game."
0050 Sonic "Options: Choose the feature you want to edit."
0051 Sonic "Sound Test: You get to listen to cool sounds."
0052 Sonic "Is your memory card set correctly?"
0053 Sonic "Hey! You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0054 Tails "Select a memory card."
0055 Tails "Select a file."
0056 Tails "Adventure mode: Start your adventure here."
0057 Tails "Trial mode: You get to play one stage."
0058 Tails "Select your character."
0059 Tails "How to play as Sonic."
0060 Tails "How to play as me, Tails."
0061 Tails "How to play as Knuckles"
0062 Tails "How to play as Amy"
0063 Tails "How to play as E-102 GAMMA"
0064 Tails "How to play as Big"
0065 Tails "How to clear the game. Try to memorize it."
0066 Tails "Select a stage."
0067 Tails "Select a game."
0068 Tails "Options: Choose the feature you want to edit."
0069 Tails "Sound Test: You get to listen to cool sounds."
0070 Tails "Is your memory card set correctly?"
0071 Tails "You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0072 Knuckles "Select a memory card."
0073 Knuckles "Select a file."
0074 Knuckles "Adventure mode: Start your adventure here."
0075 Knuckles "Trial mode: You get to play one stage."
0076 Knuckles "Select your character."
0077 Knuckles "How to play as Sonic."
0078 Knuckles "How to play as Tails."
0079 Knuckles "How to play as me, Knuckles."
0080 Knuckles "How to play as Amy."
0081 Knuckles "How to play as E-102 GAMMA."
0082 Knuckles "How to play as Big."
0083 Knuckles "How to clear the game. Better read it carefully."
0084 Knuckles "Select a stage."
0085 Knuckles "Select a game."
0086 Knuckles "Options: Choose the feature you want to edit."
0087 Knuckles "Sound Test: Listen to some cool music."
0088 Knuckles "Is your memory card set correctly?"
0089 Knuckles "You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0090 Amy "Select a memory card."
0091 Amy "Select a file."
0092 Amy "Adventure mode: Start your adventure here."
0093 Amy "Trial mode: You get to play one stage."
0094 Amy "Select your character."
0095 Amy "How to play as Sonic."
0096 Amy "How to play as Tails."
0097 Amy "How to play as Knuckles."
0098 Amy "How to play as me, Amy."
0099 Amy "How to play as E-102 GAMMA."
0100 Amy "How to play as Big."
0101 Amy "How to clear the game. Make sure you read it well."
0102 Amy "Select a stage."
0103 Amy "Select a game."
0104 Amy "Options: You get to edit different features."
0105 Amy "Sound Test: You can listen to the game music here."
0106 Amy "Is your memory card set correctly?"
0107 Amy "You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0108 E-102 "Select a memory card."
0109 E-102 "Select a file."
0110 E-102 "Adventure mode: Start your adventure here."
0111 E-102 "Trial mode: You get to play one stage."
0112 E-102 "Select your character."
0113 E-102 "How to play as Sonic."
0114 E-102 "How to play as Tails."
0115 E-102 "How to play as Knuckles."
0116 E-102 "How to play as Amy."
0117 E-102 "How to play as me, E-102 GAMMA."
0118 E-102 "How to play as Big."
0119 E-102 "How to clear the game. Please input this information."
0120 E-102 "Select a stage."
0121 E-102 "Select a game."
0122 E-102 "Options: Choose the feature you wish to edit."
0123 E-102 "Sound Test: Select to play background music."
0124 E-102 "Cannot find memory card."
0125 E-102 "Warning! Not enough memory. Warning!"
0126 Big "Umm.. Which memory card?"
0127 Big "Umm... Which file?"
0128 Big "You can start your adventure here."
0129 Big "You can play one stage."
0130 Big "Umm... Which character?"
0131 Big "How to play as Sonic."
0132 Big "How to play as Tails."
0133 Big "How to play as Knuckles."
0134 Big "How to play as Amy."
0135 Big "How to play as E-102 GAMMA."
0136 Big "How to play as me, Big."
0137 Big "How to clear the game. it, okay?"
0138 Big "When do you want to play?"
0139 Big "What do you want to play?"
0140 Big "Umm... Options. Choose the feature you want to edit."
0141 Big "Sound Test: Listen to the cool game music."
0142 Big "Is your memory card set correctly?"
0143 Big "You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0144 Eggman "Select a memory card."
0145 Eggman "Select a file."
0146 Eggman "Adventure mode: Start your adventure here."
0147 Eggman "Trial mode: You get to play one stage."
0148 Eggman "Select your character."
0149 Eggman "How to play as the hedgehog."
0150 Eggman "How to play as that two-tailed fox."
0151 Eggman "How to play as that knucklehead."
0152 Eggman "How to play as that kid, Amy."
0153 Eggman "How to play as my creation, E-102 GAMMA."
0154 Eggman "How to play as that fat cat."
0155 Eggman "How to clear the game. Stop reading and start the game!"
0156 Eggman "So, what stage do you want to play?"
0157 Eggman "So, what game do you want to play?"
0158 Eggman "Options: Go ahead, edit it the way you want."
0159 Eggman "Sound Test: You can listen to the game music here."
0160 Eggman "Is your memory card set correctly?"
0161 Eggman "You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0162 SFX machine sounds
0163 SFX machine sounds
0164 Knuckles "Oh no!"
0165 Sonic "Oh no!"
0166 Knuckles "Give it your best shot."
0167 Sonic "I've had enough!"
0168 Sonic "All right, put 'em up!"
0169 E-102 "Resistance is futile."
0170 Sonic "Oh no!"
0171 Eggman "All systems, full power!"
0172 Eggman "Ahh!"
0173 Eggman "Ah-ha!"
0174 Eggman "Get a load of this!"
0175 Eggman "No way! I can't believe this!"
0176 Eggman "Ahh! He's not gonna get away with this!"
0177 Eggman "No way! I can't believe this!"
0178 Eggman "Ho ho! It's no use. Give up!"
0179 Tikal "Jump up, then press the jump button again to do the homing attack."
0180 Tikal "Aim for the weak spot on his head."
0181 Tikal "Aim for Chaos' head when he's off guard."
0182 Tikal "You can punch the small bubbles of water."
0183 Tikal "When Chaos sticks it's head out, it's your chance to attack!"
0184 Tikal "If only you could freeze Chaos. Try and think of a way."
0185 Tikal "Chaos should still be wounded from the last fight. Try to get him in the explosion blast."
0186 Tikal "Try to fish the frog out of Chaos. Use the cannon to get where Chaos is."
0187 Cutscene Sky Chase Act 1 cutscene audio, with sound effects and voices:
Eggman: "Time for a little power play of my own...Egg Cannon ready...FIRE!"
Tails: "Augh, we're hit!"
Sonic: "Yeah! Woaaaaaah!"
0188 Tikal "Don't put more than five Chao in a garden."
0189 Tikal "Don't put more than six Chao in a garden."
0190 Tikal "Don't put more than seven Chao in a garden."
0191 Tikal "Don't put more than eight Chao in a garden."
0192 Tikal "If you see flowers blooming around a Chao, it's a sign that the Chao's ready for breeding. Place it next to the other Chao, and it may lay an egg."
0193 Tikal "It will hatch naturally after a while. You can also help the egg to hatch. Depending on how you hatch the egg, the characteristics of a Chao will be affected."
0194 Tikal "If you give small animals to the Chao, it will transform."
0195 Tikal "You can get the Chao's favorite food by shaking the trees."
0196 Tikal "Different types of food have different effects. Watch carefully and you'll notice."
0197 Tikal "This is a Chao container, where you store them. This container can be taken to different Chao gardens and stadiums."
0198 Tikal "You can put one Chao inside and take it for a walk."
0199 Tikal "This is the Chao Garden. If you bring the eggs you find all over the world, a Chao will be born."
0200 Tikal "The Chao are living, prehistoric creatures. They adapt to the environment very well. Please take good care of them."
0201 Tikal "Chao absorb other animals' characteristics. They also learn special skills."
0202 Tikal "This is the vault. Jump on this switch to deposit your rings."
0203 Tikal "Try and deposit as many rings as you can. It may even help show you the way."
0204 Tikal "Use the transporting device ahead to get to the pinball course."
0205 Sonic "Come on, Tails!"
0206 Sonic "Hey, hey, hey!"
0207 Sonic "All right, Tails!"
0208 Sonic "Hey, Tails!"
0209 Sonic "You made it!"
0210 Sonic "Come on!"
0211 Sonic "See you later, Tails!"
0212 Sonic "Hurry up, Tails!"
0213 Sonic "Horray!"
0214 Sonic "I got it!"
0215 Sonic "You don't have any rings, Tails. Watch out!"
0216 Eggman "You think you can keep up with me?"
0217 Eggman "I've got you now, Tails."
0218 Eggman "What? He's caught up!"
0219 Eggman "You little fox!"
0220 Eggman "Tails! Wait for me!"
0221 Eggman "Wha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0222 Eggman "Goodbye, Tails!"
0223 Eggman "I'll take their whole city with me!"
0224 Eggman "You'll never defeat me!"
0225 Eggman "I win! Wha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0226 Eggman "Give up now, Tails!"
0227 Sonic "All I have to do is cruise this coast!"
0228 E-102 "Frog life form detected."
0229 Sonic "What a nice breeze!"
0230 Big "What a big lake!"
0231 Sonic "I can hear the wind in the distance."
0232 E-102 "E-103 detected."
0233 Sonic "I better get outta here!"
0234 Sonic "Wow, it's pretty high up!"
0235 Tails "I wonder where Sonic is."
0236 Sonic "Hmm, pinball!"
0237 Knuckles "Is so bright here!"
0238 Sonic "What's the smell? Smells like trash!"
0239 Sonic "It's getting cold!"
0240 Sonic "Man, everything's frozen!"
0241 Big "The ice looks kinda tasty!"
0242 Sonic "Watch and learn!"
0243 Tails "Time to jam!"
0244 Sonic "This must be the entrance to the bumper car area."
0245 Sonic "Looks like nobody's around."
0246 Big "I wonder if the fish are biting."
0247 Amy "I wonder where Sonic went."
0248 Sonic "Time for some supersonic speed!"
0249 Tails "Where's Robotnik?"
0250 Sonic "Hey, there's no time to relax!"
0251 Sonic "The cars are so slow! They look like they're not moving."
0252 Knuckles "The pieces for the Master Emerald must be somewhere in this city."
0253 Sonic "Where did the Egg Carrier go?"
0254 Sonic "Whoa! That lava looks really, really hot!"
0255 E-102 "E-104 detected."
0256 Knuckles "I sure don't wanna fall off!"
0257 Sonic "Whoa whoa! I sure don't wanna fall off from here!"
0258 Tails "It's pretty high! My legs are shaking!"
0259 Sonic "Shoot! I hate this wind!"
0260 Sonic "Hey, what's up with this ship?"
0261 Knuckles "Okay now, where's the treasure?"
0262 Sonic "It's mighty quiet here."
0263 Sonic "Where am I?"
0264 Knuckles "The emerald is somewhere in this room."
0265 Sonic "I smell oil."
0266 Amy "Hey, little birdy, are you okay?"
0267 Sonic "Where does this end?"
0268 Sonic "Just you wait, Robotnik!"
0269 E-102 "Blue hedgehog: enemy."
0270 Amy "I really hate Robotnik!"
0271 Big "I wonder if Froggy's okay."
0272 Amy "Uh, which way do I go now?"
0273 E-102 "E-105 detected."
0274 Sonic "This area has sure changed a lot."
0275 Tails "Boy, I'm hungry."
0276 Knuckles "I hate big cities."
0277 Amy "I wanna go shopping!"
0278 Big "Everyone seems very busy."
0279 E-102 "Multiple life form readings detected."
0280 Sonic "There's no time for playing around!"
0281 Tails "What a big city!"
0282 Knuckles "This place is noisy!"
0283 Amy "This city never changes!"
0284 Big "I wonder where Froggy is."
0285 E-102 "Train to Mystic Ruins confirmed."
0286 Sonic "This makes me feel like a rat."
0287 Big "Wow, it's dark in here!"
0288 Sonic "This station must be the center of the city."
0289 Tails "Trains are cool, too!"
0290 Knuckles "So this is Station Square."
0291 Amy "It's nice to have an ocean nearby."
0292 Big "I wonder if there are any fish here."
0293 E-102 "Searching Station Square."
0294 Sonic "Hey, hey! There's no time to rest!"
0295 Tails "This hotel is nice!"
0296 Knuckles "Great, a resort hotel."
0297 Amy "I'd love to vacation here!"
0298 Big "What a huge house!"
0299 E-102 "Combat system disengaged."
0300 Sonic "I'm not too fond of places like this."
0301 Tails "Hm, I can't get into the park!"
0302 Knuckles "What is this place?"
0303 Amy "I'm getting excited!"
0304 Big "Twinkle Park?"
0305 E-102 "Bumper car area confirmed."
0306 Sonic "It must get pretty lonely here."
0307 Tails "This area sure has changed after they built this station."
0308 Knuckles "I've got to find the Master Emerald."
0309 Amy "I don't like places like this."
0310 Big "Froggy, where are you?"
0311 E-102 "Searching Mystic Ruins."
0312 Sonic "So, this is Angel Island!"
0313 Knuckles "I've got to get this island airborne again."
0314 E-102 "Arriving at Angel Island."
0315 Sonic "Now this is more like it!"
0316 Tails "Which way did I come from?"
0317 Knuckles "This place gives me the strangest feeling."
0318 Amy "This place is great!"
0319 Big "Maybe I'll go home."
0320 E-102 "Temperature increasing. Cooling system activated."
0321 Sonic "This must be Robotnik's base!"
0322 Tails "So this is Robotnik's fortress!"
0323 Knuckles "Location: place of creation."
0324 Amy "I'm going to do my best, Sonic."
0325 E-102 "The place I was created."
0326 Tails "What is this place?"
0327 Knuckles "Where am I?"
0328 Amy "Hey, where am I?"
0329 Big "Um, where am I?"
0330 E-102 "Data not available. Current location unknown."
0331 Sonic "That's bad!"
0332 Knuckles "Why?"
0333 Sonic "This ship is too much!"
0334 Tails "This ship's cool!"
0335 Knuckles "How does this 'thing' fly?"
0336 Amy "I wonder why that man bothered making things like this."
0337 E-102 "Continuing mission."
0338 Big "Uh, how does this ship fly?"
0339 Sonic "This ship is just too weird!"
0340 Tails "I wanna make a ship like this one day!"
0341 Knuckles "Where's the exit?"
0342 Amy "Better tread lightly so they don't hear us!"
0343 E-102 "Continuing mission."
0344 Big "Uh, exits? Exits?"
0345 Sonic "Shoot! I got sand in my eye!"
0346 Tails "This sand is kinda loose!"
0347 Amy "Hey, come on!"
0348 Sonic "What a peaceful place!"
0349 Sonic "Yo! Have you guys been good?"
0350 Sonic "Just remember: no fighting!"
0351 Tails "I really feel at home here!"
0352 Tails "How's it goin' guys?"
0353 Tails "You guys are the best!"
0354 Knuckles "I guess there are no Emeralds here."
0355 Knuckles "I have this feeling I've met these guys somewhere."
0356 Knuckles "This place reminds me of home. Wonder why."
0357 Amy "This place is so relaxing!"
0358 Amy *yawn* "I'm getting sleepy."
0359 Amy "I don't want to see you guys fighting!"
0360 Amy "If only Sonic were here."
0361 E-102 "Location: unknown."
0362 E-102 "Combat system disengaged."
0363 E-102 "Sensors detecting life."
0364 Big "Looking good, buddy!"
0365 Big "Are you guys okay?"
0366 Big "Hey, I'm gettin' hungry again."
0367 Big "I wanna go fishing!"
0368 Sonic "He can't be invincible, can he?"
0369 Sonic "You're no match for me!"
0370 Sonic "What's up, Knuckles?"
0371 Sonic "Hey, this time you're not getting away!"
0372 Sonic "Not bad, not bad at all!"
0373 Sonic "Where can his weak spot be?"
0374 Sonic "You've had your fun. Now it's my turn!"
0375 Tails "C'mon Tails, you can do it!"
0376 Tails "H-hey, wait a minute!"
0377 Tails "You liquid monster!"
0378 Tails "Something's different about this robot."
0379 Tails "I know I can do it by myself!"
0380 Knuckles "That's it. I've had enough!"
0381 Knuckles "Hand over the emerald."
0382 Knuckles "When will you ever learn?"
0383 Knuckles "This time, you're finished!"
0384 Amy "You're gonna pay for what you've done!"
0385 E-102 "Target confirmed."
0386 E-102 "Blue hedgehog: enemy."
0387 E-102 "Beta."
0388 Sonic "I'll show you what the Chaos Emeralds can really do."
0389 Sonic "So, that's his core." (?)
0390 Sonic "Better get going!"
0391 Tails *yawn* Used when idling.
0392 Knuckles "I better hurry!"
0393 Amy "I'm so tired!"
0394 E-102 "Combat system activated."
0395 Big "Hey, I'm kinda hungry."
0396 Sonic "Hmph" Super Sonic selected
0397 Tikal "This rocket will be launched vertically. Watch out where you land!"
0398 Tikal "Move forward by attacking the enemies."
0399 Sonic "Watch out for lava!"
0400 Sonic "Aw, yeah!"
0401 Sonic "This is happenin'!"
0402 Sonic "Huh?"
0403 Sonic "What's up?"
0404 Police "You are completely surrounded!"
0405 Police "Surrender yourself!"
0406 Sonic "Aw, yeah!"
0407 Police "Lock on target men. Ready? Fire!"
0408 Police "Oh no, our weapons are useless!"
0409 Police "Retreat! All personnel, fall back!"
0410 Sonic "This could be fun!"
0411 Sonic "C'mon you big drip. Where ya goin'?"
0412 Eggman "You know nothing, fool! It's Chaos! The god of destruction!"
0413 Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0414 Sonic "Wha? Tails?!"
0415 Sonic "*gasp* Watch out! You're gonna crash! Ahh!"
0416 Sonic "Tails, ah, what am I gonna do with you?"
0417 Sonic "Hey, Sonic! Long time no see, huh?"
0418 Sonic "I'm just glad you're okay."
0419 Sonic "What happened anyway?"
0420 Sonic "You're too good of a pilot to just crash like that."
0421 Tails "That was a test run using a new prototype propulsion system. It's got a few bugs to iron out."
0422 Sonic "Why not just use my plane, the Tornado?"
0423 Tails "Thanks, but you gotta check out my newest power supply."
0424 Tails "Tada!"
0425 Sonic "Whoa! A Chaos Emerald!"
0426 Tails "Yep! I just happened to find one of the seven Emeralds during one of my test flights."
0427 Sonic "This thing's got unlimited power, ya know."
0428 Tails "So I figured, why not use it to power my plane? Supercharged!"
0429 Tails "You gotta come over to my workshop, Sonic. I've got something I've gotta show you."
0430 Tails "It's in the Mystic Ruins. The fastest way is by train. Let's go!"
0431 Eggman "Ha ha ha ha! If it isn't Sonic!"
0432 Sonic "Look! It's a giant talking egg!"
0433 Eggman "Silence!"
0434 Eggman "I am Dr. Robotnik, the greatest scientific genius in the world!"
0435 Sonic "Whatever you say, Eggman."
0436 Eggman "Enough! I've got big plans, and now I'm gonna put them to work!"
0437 Tails "You're always up to no good. Now what do ya want?"
0438 Eggman "I want all of the Chaos Emeralds."
0439 Eggman "Better not interfere, or else!"
0440 Sonic "Or else what, ya big loser?"
0441 Eggman "Or else I'll take them from you by force, the hard way!"
0442 Sonic "Well, that wasn't so hard!"
0443 Eggman "Aha!"
0444 Sonic "Oh no!"
0445 Eggman "Come on Chaos, time to eat!"
0446 Sonic "Chaos?!"
0447 Sonic "Oh no, isn't that the same monster I saw the other day?"
0448 Eggman "Oh, yes! It's just as the stone tablets predicted!"
0449 Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha!"
0450 Eggman "His strength increases every time I feed him a Chaos Emerald!"
0451 Eggman "With all seven Emeralds in him, he'll be invincible, and work for me!"
0452 Eggman "Together, we'll destroy Station Square!"
0453 Eggman "And on its ruins, I'll build Robotnikland, the ultimate city, where I will rule it all!"
0454 Eggman "Come on, Chaos! Let's find another Emerald, shall we?"
0455 Tails "Sonic!"
0456 Tails "We can't let him get away with this, can we?"
0457 Sonic "No way, Tails!"
0458 Tails "Without more Emeralds, the monster can't transform, so,"
0459 Tails "It's up to get the Emeralds before Eggman does, huh?"
0460 Sonic "Hyyeeh!"
0461 Sonic "Hey!"
0462 Sonic "Oh no, the Chaos Emerald!"
0463 Eggman "Oh no, you don't!"
0464 Sonic "Aw, geesh!"
0465 Eggamn "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0466 Sonic "Eggman..."
0467 Tails "Oh man, what happened to that Emerald we just had?"
0468 Sonic "Uh, I guess Eggmans' got one of them, but the other one's safe."
0469 Sonic "That guy must be desperate!"
0470 Tails "That means his two to our one and that's not good."
0471 Tails "Come on, Sonic, we need to get busy!"
0472 Sonic "Uhhhhaaa, aughh!"
0473 Sonic "Oh no, the Chaos Emeralds!"
0474 Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0475 Knuckles "Ahh, Eggman!"
0476 Sonic "Uh oh!"
0477 Eggman "Ha! Like taking candy from a baby!"
0478 Knuckles "That's a Chaos Emerald!"
0479 Eggman "That's right fool, you made it all too easy!"
0480 Eggman "You practically gave them to me."
0481 Sonic "Hold it right there, creep! You can't get away with this!"
0482 Sonic "Knuckles, don't tell me Eggman tricked you again!"
0483 Knuckles "Me? What about you?"
0484 Sonic "Way to go, knucklehead!"
0485 Eggman "Now I have four lovely Emeralds!"
0486 Eggman "Chaos!"
0487 Eggman "These are for you, my friend!"
0488 Tails "Ah! He transformed again!"
0489 Sonic "Man, no one ever cuts us any slack!"
0490 People some creepy screaming (?)
0491 Tails "We did it!"
0492 Sonic "Way to go, Tails!"
0493 Sonic "Tails?"
0494 Sonic "Tails?"
0495 Sonic "You're not who I'm looking for."
0496 Sonic "Ah, I wonder if he's okay."
0497 Amy "Sonic, wait up!"
0498 Amy "Long time no see."
0499 Sonic "Uhhh eh, Amy!"
0500 Amy "What's wrong with you, anyway?"
0501 Amy "Listen, this birdy seems to be in trouble, so you need to be his bodyguard for a while."
0502 Sonic "You must be kidding!"
0503 Amy "If you don't, we're just gonna tag along anyway!"
0504 Amy "Look! One of Eggman's robots."
0505 Sonic "No problem. He's just a chuck of cheesy hardware."
0506 Amy "Whoa!!"
0507 Sonic "Oh, now what?"
0508 Sonic "Huh?"
0509 Amy "Look here! It says, 'Cute couples get in free'!"
0510 Amy "Let's go!"
0511 Sonic "Amy! W-w-w-wait!"
0512 Sonic "Aw, man! That girl is suck a pain!"
0513 Sonic "Oh, shoot! I've lost Amy!"
0514 Sonic "I bet that robot hauled butt after her!"
0515 Sonic "I'd better catch her before it does!"
0516 Sonic "Amy! Oh man, where can she be?"
0517 Amy "Ahh! Sonic! Help!"
0518 Sonic "I'll cut him off at the Mystic Ruins!"
0519 Amy "Let me go, you hunk of junk! I mean it!"
0520 Sonic "Hey there, bolt brain! You better give Amy to me or I'll squash ya!"
0521 Sonic "Hey, what's happening here?"
0522 Sonic "Shoot! I've lost her again!"
0523 Sonic "Stop!"
0524 Amy "Sonic, help me!"
0525 Tails "Hey, Sonic!"
0526 Sonic "Tails! I'm glad you're okay."
0527 Sonic "Ready to roll, champ? Let's go!"
0528 Tails "Roger!"
0529 Group Screaming & Sonic *screams* "Not again!"
0530 Tails "It's looking good so far!"
0531 Sonic "Here it comes again!"
0532 Tails "Don't worry, I'm ready."
0533 Tails "Transformation mode: engaged!"
0534 Sonic "Whoa!"
0535 Tails "Ready? Let's go!"
0536 Amy "Sonic!"
0537 Eggman "Ha! They're too late!"
0538 Amy "Not the birdie!"
0539 Tails "A Chaos Emerald!"
0540 Amy "No way!"
0541 Eggman "Be gone, all of you! This is all I really need!"
0542 Eggman "GAMMA!!"
0543 E-102 "What is your wish, master Robotnik?"
0544 Eggman "Get rid of these pests!"
0545 Eggman "Show them what you've got!"
0546 E-102 "Aye, aye, sir."
0547 Eggman "And don't disappoint me, or else!"
0548 Amy "Stop it, Sonic!"
0549 Sonic "Step aside, Amy. Out of my way!"
0550 Amy "No!"
0551 Amy "This robot is my friend. He helped me!"
0552 Amy "Don't hurt him!"
0553 Sonic "Uh..okay, whatever you say."
0554 Sonic "You must have your reasons."
0555 Tails "Hey, this ship is loosing altitude!"
0556 Sonic "Hurry, Tails! Take Amy and get outta here!"
0557 Amy "But what about you?"
0558 Sonic "I'll find that Eggman and put him out of commission!"
0559 Tails "The Egg Carrier's loosing altitude."
0560 Amy "Are you okay?"
0561 Sonic "Oh no! Not again!"
0562 Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha!"
0563 Eggman "Oh yes! Attack Sonic now!"
0564 Big "Froggy?"
0565 Sonic "Chaos! Could this be the same beast?"
0566 Big "I must save Froggy!"
0567 Sonic "If he's your friend, I'll help you."
0568 Sonic "Just leave it to me!"
0569 Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha!"
0570 Eggman "Now I have six of the Chaos Emeralds!"
0571 Eggman "There's only one more left to find!"
0572 Eggman "I even found Chaos' missing tail!"
0573 Sonic "You won't get away with this, you madman!"
0574 Eggman "I will!"
0575 Eggman "You're no match for Chaos, even though he's not perfected yet."
0576 Eggman "Okay Chaos, destroy them all! Immediately!"
0577 Eggman "No way! I can't believe this!"
0578 Knuckles "Sonic!"
0579 Sonic "Hey there, Knuckles. Glad you finally made it! I thought you got lost or something."
0580 Sonic "Stop! Come back here!"
0581 Eggman "Until we meet again, Sonic!"
0582 Sonic "Agh, I hate Eggman!"
0583 Sonic "Where's this?"
0584 Sonic "Hmm?"
0585 Sonic "That light!"
0586 Sonic "I think it's trying to show me something."
0587 Sonic "Wow, what's this?"
0588 Sonic "A mural!"
0589 Tikal "Why?"
0590 Tikal "Why did this have to happen?"
0591 Tikal "It's terrible!"
0592 Tikal "I must stop this, now!"
0593 Sonic "What's this place?"
0594 Sonic "Where am I? This is really weird."
0595 Sonic "What was that all about?"
0596 Sonic "I don't think I'm dreaming here."
0597 Sonic "Hm?"
0598 Sonic "Eggman!"
0599 Sonic "What's he doing here?"
0600 Sonic "Oh nevermind, this time I'll get him good!"
0601 Eggman "Well, if it isn't my pal, Sonic."
0602 Eggman "I'm surprised you made it this far."
0603 Sonic "Hold it right there, Eggman!"
0604 Sonic "What's up, Knuckles?"
0605 Sonic "Something buggin' you?"
0606 Knuckles "No time for games, Sonic."
0607 Knuckles "Give me the Emeralds you have, right now!"
0608 Sonic "What? Let's just see you take them. Hah!"
0609 Tails "All righty, we're in!"
0610 Sonic "We gotta land on the Egg Carrier."
0611 Tails "Whoops."
0612 Tails "Uh, I forgot something."
0613 Sonic "What's that?"
0614 Tails "There's no landing gear in this mode."
0615 Sonic "What?!"
0616 Tails "Everything's working great!"
0617 Tails "All systems go, full speed ahead!"
0618 Tails "Uh oh, what's this?"
0619 Tails "Noooo!"
0620 Tails "Ahhhh!"
0621 Tails "I'm outta control! Mayday, mayday!"
0622 Tails "Going down!"
0623 Tails "Ahhhh!"
0624 Tails "Look out below!"
0625 Sonic "Boy, you're lucky I saw you come down."
0626 Sonic "So what went wrong, anyway?"
0627 Sonic "It's not like you to crash like that."
0628 Tails "Yeah, it's just that I'm testing a new prototype power supply, and it's not fully compatible yet."
0629 Sonic "You can always borrow my plane, the Tornado, if you want."
0630 Tails "Thanks Sonic, but if I can make this work, it'll run circles around yours!"
0631 Tails "Check out this power supply!"
0632 Sonic "It's a Chaos Emerald! No way!"
0633 Tails "I was lucky to find one of the seven Chaos Emeralds."
0634 Tails "They have unlimited mystic power."
0635 Tails "Now I wanna harness that power to fly my plane."
0636 Tails "Let's go to my workshop in the Mystic Ruins and I'll show you what I've been working on."
0637 Tails "We'll go to the station, hop on a train, and get there in no time!"
0638 Eggman "Well, well, well, if it isn't Sonic and Tails."
0639 Tails "It's Eggman!"
0640 Eggman "Silence!"
0641 Eggman "I am Dr. Robotnik, the most cunning scientific genius in the world!"
0642 Sonic "Yeah, right, Dr. Eggman!"
0643 Eggman "Enough! I've been working on a master plan, but now it's time to put it to work!"
0644 Tails "That usually means trouble, coming from you!"
0645 Eggman "Don't even try to interfere this time!"
0646 Eggman "Give me that Chaos Emerald, or else!"
0647 Tails "Or else what, huh?"
0648 Eggman "Or else I'll take it from you, the hard way!"
0649 Tails "That was just too easy!"
0650 Eggman "Gotcha!"
0651 Tails "Hey, he snagged it!"
0652 Eggman "Chaos could use a little snack!"
0653 Tails "Who's Chaos?"
0654 Sonic "That's the monster I saw the other day."
0655 Tails "Uh, monster?"
0656 Eggman "Yes, yes, yes, it's really happening, just as the stone tablets said it would!"
0657 Eggman "Ha ha ha ha, hear this Sonic!"
0658 Eggman "Chaos' strength increases every time I give him a Chaos Emerald."
0659 Eggman "All he needs is seven Emeralds to become invincible."
0660 Eggman "Then, he will turn Station Square into rubble!"
0661 Eggman "Upon which I will build the ultimate city, Robotnikland!"
0662 Eggman "Ha ha ha ha! You ready, Chaos? Let's go find the next Emerald. Come on!"
0663 Tails "Thank goodness they're gone. Good riddance!"
0664 Sonic "We can't let that monster get any bigger. It could get ugly!"
0665 Tails "You're right. Chaos must be stopped."
0666 Tails "And he can be if we keep him away from more Emeralds, right?"
0667 Tails "So whaddya say, Sonic? Let's find the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman does."
0668 Tails breath "What's that?"
0669 Eggman "Get away from there!"
0670 Tails "The Chaos Emerald!"
0671 Tails "Ahhhhh!"
0672 Eggman "Nighty night! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0673 Tails "Eggman..."
0674 Tails "Ugh, Sonic, what happened to the Chaos Emerald?"
0675 Sonic "Ah, Eggman got one of them, but the other one's safe."
0676 Sonic "He must be getting desperate."
0677 Tails "Now the Emerald count is two to one and Eggman's winning!"
0678 Tails "Let's get a move on!"
0679 Tails "Hey Knuckles, what's up?"
0680 Tails "Whaddya doin', Knuckles?"
0681 Knuckles "Don't mess with me now!"
0682 Knuckles "Just hand over the Emeralds you have, quick!"
0683 Tails "No way, Knuckles!"
0684 Tails "Whoa!"
0685 Tails "Oh no, the Emeralds!"
0686 Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha ha! And they're all mine!"
0687 Tails "Eggman's back!"
0688 Tails "He's got the Emeralds!"
0689 Eggman "You two are bumbling idiots, you know that?!"
0690 Knuckles "Hey, those are...the Chaos Emeralds!"
0691 Eggman "You are so easily tricked!"
0692 Eggman "All I did was wait for you to bring it to me!"
0693 Tails "What the heck is he talking about anyway?"
0694 Sonic "Don't you realize when you've been tricked?"
0695 Knuckles "Tricked? No one makes a fool out of me!"
0696 Sonic "Way to go, Knucklehead!"
0697 Eggman "Ha ha ha ha! Four! Count them, four Emeralds!"
0698 Eggman "I summon Chaos! Come forth!"
0699 Eggman "Here, eat up!"
0700 Tails "Oh, no! It's changing again!"
0701 Tails "We gotta stop this, fast!"
0702 Eggman "Behold my floating masterpiece, the Egg Carrier!"
0703 Eggman "But it pales in comparison to the power of Chaos!"
0704 Eggman "Adeus! Until we meet again, my friends! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0705 Tails "Hey! We can't let them get away!"
0706 Tails "Let's get to my workshop and we'll take the Tornado!"
0707 Sonic "Yeah."
0708 Knuckles "You guys go."
0709 Knuckles "I have some unfinished business to take care of."
0710 Sonic "No problem Knuckles."
0711 Sonic "We'll take care of everything here."
0712 Tails "Come on! Let's get going!"
0713 Tails "Sonic! Wait here for a second."
0714 Tails "Sonic, hop in!"
0715 Tails "Let's go!"
0716 Tails "We did it!"
0717 Sonic "Way to go, Tails!"
0718 Tails "Mn... Wow, that dream brought back memories."
0719 Tails "I owe so much to Sonic."
0720 Tails "Sonic!"
0721 Tails "Hmm... Wonder where he went? Sure hope he's alright."
0722 Tails "The Tornado's not powerful enough."
0723 Tails "If I'm gonna get that Egg Carrier, I need to finish my prototype."
0724 Tails "It needs a Chaos Emerald to work!"
0725 Tails "Looks like I'd better find one, fast!"
0726 Tails "Wow! There's a Chaos Emerald!"
0727 Tails "Hey! Wait up!"
0728 Tails "Sstop!"
0729 Tails "Uh-oh. I thought I was in the desert!"
0730 Tails "I wonder where I am."
0731 Tails "Oops!"
0732 Tikal "The servers are the seven Chaos Emeralds."
0733 Tikal "Hello there friend! How are you?"
0734 Tails "Um, what were you saying before?"
0735 Tikal "Huh."
0736 Tikal "It's something my grandmother taught me."
0737 Tikal "I'm never to forget it. It goes like this."
0738 Tikal "The servers are the Seven Chaos."
0739 Tikal "Chaos is power; power enriched by the heart."
0740 Tikal "The controller is the one that unifies the chaos."
0741 Tikal "But I'm still not sure what it all means."
0742 Tikal "But the number seven..."
0743 Tikal " the same as the number of Emeralds there are."
0744 Tails "Emeralds?"
0745 Tikal "Forgive me, but I don't think we've ever met before."
0746 Tikal "I'm Tikal. And you are?"
0747 Big "Wwhooa!"
0748 Tails "Yikes!!"
0749 Big "Wait for me!!"
0750 Tails "Weird... Now where was I?"
0751 Tails "Oh yeah, the Chaos Emerald. Perfect!"
0752 Tails "This will get my Tornado 2 up and rarin' to go!"
0753 Tails "The time has come at last."
0754 Tails "This new plane should work a lot better. I've ironed out most of the problems."
0755 Tails "So, here goes."
0756 Tails "Emerald, do your stuff!"
0757 Tails "Ready Sonic? Here I come!"
0758 Tails "Tornado 2, clear for take off. Away we go!"
0759 Tails "There you are, dead ahead! The Egg Carrier!"
0760 Tails "There's Sonic!"
0761 Tails "Soonic!"
0762 Sonic "Alright, Tails! Way to go! This plane's cool!"
0763 Sonic "Now what'ya say we nail those guys?"
0764 Tails "You got it! Hang on!"
0765 Tails "Hah-hah! So far so good!"
0766 Sonic "Hope you know what you're doing."
0767 Tails "You bet! Watch this!"
0768 Amy "Sonic! Tails!"
0769 Eggman "Hah! You're a bit late!"
0770 Amy "Not the birdie!"
0771 Tails "That's a Chaos Emerald!"
0772 Amy "No way!"
0773 Eggman "Be gone, all of you! This is all I really need."
0774 Eggman "Gamma!"
0775 E-102 "What is your wish, Master?"
0776 Eggman "Get rid of these pests!"
0777 Eggman "Give them all you got!"
0778 E-102 "Aye-aye, Master Robotnik."
0779 Eggman "I'll leave it up to you, Gamma."
0780 Amy "Please stop, Tails!"
0781 Tails "Move aside Amy. Get out of the way!"
0782 Amy "No!"
0783 Amy "This robot is my friend! He helped me!"
0784 Amy "Don't hurt him."
0785 Tails "Mn." ('Pushing object' soundbyte?)
0786 Tails "Okay. If you say so."
0787 Tails "You have your reasons, I guess."
0788 Tails "Hey! This ship is losing altitude!"
0789 Sonic "Hurry Tails! Take Amy and get outta here!"
0790 Amy "But what about you?"
0791 Sonic "I'll find Eggman and put a stop to his evil ways!"
0792 Tails "That's Eggman! I wonder what happened to Sonic?"
0793 Eggman "I'm finished... Chaos was defeated, and now my Egg Carrier is ruined."
0794 Eggman "No matter. I will destroy Station Square anyway."
0795 Woman *scream*
0796 Woman (Japanese) (leftover from Japanese voicetrack)
0797 Tails "If that missile is launched..."
0798 Eggman "Ready? Fire!"
0799 Eggman "Augh! No, it was a dud!"
0800 Eggman "I can't believe this!"
0801 Eggman "Ahh! I'll go and deal with this myself!"
0802 Tails "Oh no!"
0803 Tails "I'd better get to that missile before he detonates it!"
0804 Tails "I see it!"
0805 Tails "I've gotta get it before Eggman!"
0806 Tails "The fate of Station Square depends on me... (sighs)"
0807 Tails "So-nic..."
0808 Tails "I've changed a lot since I've started hanging with Sonic."
0809 Tails "But I can't depend on him forever."
0810 Tails "I know I can do this by myself. Okay Eggman, bring it on!"
0811 Eggman "So you beat me to the missile, you little pest."
0812 Eggman "I will make you all pay for this."
0813 Eggman "You fool. Away... before I make mincemeat out of you."
0814 Tails "I'm not scared. I'm not scared."
0815 Tails "I can do this!"
0816 Man "Oh no! It's Robotnik!"
0817 Woman *screams*
0818 Woman "Let's get out of here!"
0819 Tails "Hey! I did it!"
0820 Tails "Heh... I did it all by myself!"
0821 Woman "You're the best!"
0822 None (empty) (blank)
0823 Man "We're forever grateful."
0824 None (empty) (blank)
0825 Woman "You saved the day!"
0826 Tails "Coming in tight!"
0827 Sonic "Tails! We gotta land on the Egg Carrier."
0828 Tails "Oops!"
0829 Tails "We got a problem here!"
0830 Sonic "What now?"
0831 Tails "I forgot to put in the landing gear!"
0832 Sonic "Whaaa?!!"
0833 Amy "Gee, I'm bored."
0834 Amy "Everyday's the same old thing."
0835 Amy "Same place, different day."
0836 Amy "I miss the good ol' days."
0837 Amy "Hanging out with my hero, Sonic! (sighs)"
0838 Amy "Chasin' bad guys..."
0839 Amy "And blowing 'em away! Haha!"
0840 Amy "But now he's gone. And there's nothing left to do..."
0841 Amy "...But shop 'til I drop. There was always something fun to do with Sonic around. I really miss him."
0842 Amy "Hey, what's going on here? Is there an eclipse today or what?"
0843 Amy "Nobody's forecast a storm or anything."
0844 Amy "Oh my gosh! What is that?!?"
0845 Amy "Eggman. Can it be?"
0846 Amy "What's that?"
0847 Amy "Aahh!! Watch it, watch it!"
0848 Amy "Ow! You should watch where you're going buddy!"
0849 Amy "Hey, are you alright? You look kind of hurt."
0850 Amy "What's this???"
0851 Amy "Ah! Uh oh!"
0852 Amy "Yikes! You almost ran me over, creep! Oh no, let's get out of here!"
0853 Amy "That was one of Eggman's robots, huh?"
0854 Amy "He must've captured you, and somehow you got away, right?"
0855 Amy "Don't worry, I'll protect you!"
0856 Amy "I'll do my best to keep us both from harm. I'll stand by you all the way!"
0857 Amy "Oh, Sonic!"
0858 Amy "(dreamy sigh) My hero!"
0859 Amy "Sonic!"
0860 Amy "Long time, no see!"
0861 Sonic "Y-ah-uhh... Amy!"
0862 Amy "What's your problem?"
0863 Amy "See, this little birdie's got in trouble. I think you should be his body guard for a little while!"
0864 Sonic "What?!?"
0865 Amy "Doesn't matter. We'll just tag along!"
0866 Sonic "No way! Uh-uh!"
0867 Amy "C'mon, don't run away! Ooohhh!"
0868 Amy "Wait up Sonic! Not fair!"
0869 Amy "I can't run as fast as you!"
0870 Amy "Aahh, look! Eggman's robot's on the loose!"
0871 Sonic "Don't panic! I'll handle that bag o' bolts!"
0872 Amy *shouts*
0873 Sonic "Now what's wrong?"
0874 Sonic "Huh!?"
0875 Amy "Look! It says cute couples can get in free!"
0876 Amy "What are we waiting for?"
0877 Sonic "Amy! W-w-w-w-wait!"
0878 Sonic "I give up. She's so weird!"
0879 Amy "Phew! I'm glad we finally lost that robot!"
0880 Amy "Sonic must've gotten lost too."
0881 Amy *scream*
0882 Amy "Hey, watch it bolt brain!"
0883 Amy "Let us down! Let us go!"
0884 Amy "Help! So-niic!"
0885 Amy "Now, now, calm down."
0886 Amy "What do you want?"
0887 E-102 "Hand me the bird."
0888 Amy "Nope!"
0889 E-102 "Quietly hand over the bird."
0890 Amy "No, never!"
0891 E-102 "Why not?"
0892 Amy "I don't need to tell you anything!"
0893 Amy "You tell me why you want it, now!"
0894 E-102 "Does not compute."
0895 Amy "You don't even know?"
0896 Amy "I know you might hurt us both."
0897 Amy "Please Mr. Robot."
0898 Amy "Won't you help us, please?"
0899 E-102 "Insufficient data."
0900 E-102 "You have feelings for something you know nothing about."
0901 E-102 "Illogical."
0902 Amy "I pity you."
0903 Amy "Love is not part of your programming. You're missing something good!"
0904 Amy "Hey Birdie, come back here!"
0905 E-102 "Go. Escape."
0906 Amy "Wh-what?"
0907 Amy "You sure?"
0908 E-102 "It's dangerous here."
0909 E-102 "Hurry. We'll be at the Mystic Ruins base soon."
0910 Amy "You're really nice!"
0911 Amy "You're different from the other robots."
0912 Amy "You've got a soft spot inside your metal frame."
0913 Amy "If you want, we can be friends okay?"
0914 E-102 "Get going."
0915 E-102 "It is dangerous here."
0916 Amy *gasp*
0917 Amy "Huh?"
0918 Amy "What's this place?"
0919 Tikal "You're the... Chao!"
0920 Tikal "Don't be afraid. You're safe with me."
0921 Tikal *gasp*
0922 Eggman "Where do you think you're going, Amy?"
0923 Amy "Eggman, no!"
0924 Eggman "You can't get away this easily!"
0925 Amy "Sonic, help!"
0926 Eggman "Too late, buddy!"
0927 Amy "Birdie!"
0928 Tails "It's a Chaos Emerald!"
0929 Amy "What!?"
0930 Eggman "I don't need you, when I've got this!"
0931 Eggman "Gamma!"
0932 E-102 "At your service, sir."
0933 Eggman "Dispose of these annoying pests!"
0934 Eggman "Give 'em all you got!"
0935 E-102 "Aye-aye, sir. Will comply."
0936 Eggman "I've got better things to do!"
0937 Amy "Stop, Mr. Robot!"
0938 Amy "Please stop."
0939 Sonic "Amy!"
0940 Sonic "That's one of Eggman's clunkers! Out of my way!"
0941 Amy "No!"
0942 Amy "He helped me before, by letting me escape."
0943 Amy "This robot is different."
0944 Amy "You don't need to hurt him, okay?"
0945 Sonic "Amy...."
0946 Sonic "Okay. I guess I'll let him go then."
0947 Tails "The Egg Carrier's losing altitude!"
0948 Sonic "We're fresh out of time! Take Amy and clear out, fast!"
0949 Amy "What about you?"
0950 Sonic "I'll nail that Eggman! Can't let him escape!"
0951 Amy "I knew you would save me Sonic! You're my hero!"
0952 Amy "Uh, you okay?"
0953 Amy "It's dangerous here!"
0954 Amy "Don't pay attention to Eggman anymore. Free yourself, come on!"
0955 E-102 "Why are you helping me?"
0956 Amy "I said we'd be friends, and I'm returning your favor."
0957 Amy "Even this birdie wants you to be free."
0958 Amy "Eggman's not the kind of man you should work for."
0959 Tails "Amy, come on, let's get going!"
0960 Amy "Until we meet again, Mr. Robot! Take care of yourself!"
0961 Amy "Gee, what was that?"
0962 Amy "I wonder if I'm dreaming?"
0963 Amy "Oh my! I need to get out of this place!"
0964 Amy "I wonder what Sonic is doing."
0965 Amy "He's always rescuing me, it seems."
0966 Amy "I should be more independent!"
0967 Amy "You know, you sure surprised me, by having a Chaos Emerald with you."
0968 Amy "No wonder they were after you, my feathered friend!"
0969 Amy "Hey, a pendant! Wow."
0970 Amy "So I'll help you find your family."
0971 Amy "Does Eggman have them captive now?"
0972 Amy "I bet he does!"
0973 Amy "So I'll help you find your family!" (alternate?)
0974 Amy "I've come this far, I may as well go all the way!"
0975 Amy "That robot said Dr. Eggman's base is in the Mystic Ruins."
0976 Amy "So what d'ya say we check it out?"
0977 Amy "Hmm... I don't remember this bridge."
0978 Amy "Looks dangerously suspicious!"
0979 Amy "Wanna go?"
0980 Amy "(gasps) Not you again!"
0981 Amy "Phoaw! That was a close one!"
0982 Amy "I saw no sign of your reletives, Birdie."
0983 Amy "Ooh! You escaped from the Egg Carrier!"
0984 Amy "So maybe your family's still in there!"
0985 Amy "Let's investigate! Wanna?"
0986 Amy "Yay, it's them!"
0987 Amy *gasp*
0988 Amy "Oh no! Are you okay?"
0989 Amy "You idiot! How could you do this?"
0990 Amy "Now you're gonna get it!"
0991 Amy "Please wake up, Birdie."
0992 Amy "Are you okay? Can you fly?"
0993 Amy "Whoa!"
0994 Amy "You did it! Now you three can live in peace again!"
0995 Amy "I'm so happy!"
0996 Amy "I'm going to try my best too!"
0997 Amy "Just watch me!"
0998 Amy "I'll make that Sonic respect me!"
0999 Amy "And by that time it's gonna be too late! *kiss*"
1000 Knuckles "As far back as I can remember, I've been living here on this dark island." 1588 Final Egg intercom "Emergency! Emergency! Dispose of any intruders!"
1589 Final Egg intercom "Emergency! Emergency! Dispose of any intruders!"
1590 Final Egg intercom "Final Egg: Level 2 isolation wall open."
1591 Final Egg intercom "Final Egg: Level 2 isolation wall open."
1676 Tikal "Gather fifty rings and press the action button while you jump. You'll transform in Super Sonic! But watch out for your ring consumption!" Unused
1723 Eggman (intercom) "Descending into the clouds. Slow the ship down." Unused (?)
1724 Eggman (intercom) "Descending into the clouds. Slow the ship down." Unused (?)
1729 Egg Carrier intercom "Warning: tidal wave approaching. Be careful when the ship tilts!" Unused (?)
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