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Category: Graphics editor
Version: 1
System: Microsoft .NET Framework
Supported Games: Sonic CD PC
Credits: MainMemory

SCDPCspr is a utility for extracting/creating/editing the SCMP (Sprite) files in the PC version of Sonic CD. It was written by MainMemory in C#, and requires the .NET Framework 3.5 to run. It can import palettes from images, Sonic CD PC palette files, and Mega Drive palette files, and save them for later use. It includes a palette file for Palmtree Panic Zone 1 Present to start with.

Editing is primarily done by importing and exporting image files by right clicking on a sprite in the list on the right. The yellow highlighted square in the palette determines what color the selected sprite starts with, by clicking you can change the line a sprite starts with or even have it start in the middle of a line. The offset generally indicates the center of the object, but not all objects obey it.


Download.svg Download SCDPCspr
File: SCDPCspr.7z (40 kB) (info)
Current version: 1