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Magazine Preview #04 - Emerald Hill Zone Mock-Up Screenshot

Mag compare4a.jpg Mag compare4b.png
Source: EGM
Alt. Source: GamePro, and others
Source: Sonic 2 Beta ROM

Some obvious oddities in the left screenshot include:

  • Sonic 1 HUD
  • Sonic 1 Green Hill style clouds at the very top
  • Sonic is off-centered
  • Rings over bridge arranged in arc formation
  • Little pieces of cloud reflections in the water (right above Sonic)
  • The absence of "wooden knob" at the end of the bridge
  • This location does not exist in the game

The oddest of all is the incorrect screen size, which is consistent with preview M01 and M03 since they appear to be from the same source.

Mag compare4c.jpg

Again, the life icon is displaced even the Score/Time/Rings does align perfectly.

The picture was created by Sega, by manually putting the zone tiles and sprites together, and was not captured within a playable game.

So, it's believed to be a mock-up.