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False Alarms

Occasionally certain things are mistakenly declared to be "discoveries." The False Alarms section documents such errors for the purposes of 1) preventing the same mistakes from being made by others, and 2) recognizing the effort of those (if known) attempting to find stuff -- at least they were trying!

False Alarm: These are the sprites of unused smoke trail in Sonic 2
Truth: They are rocks from the walls when Grounder breaks through them

Date of epiphany: May 6, 2005

Fa smoketrail.png

Rika Chou suggested that the above sprites, found in the Sonic 2 ROM, are supposed to be used with the Grounder badnik, possibly as a smoke trail. It was soon found out that these are rocks from the walls broken by the Grounder as they come out of them.

Fa arzrock.png

Anyway, good effort, Rika!

False Alarm: The splashing rock and torch tiles belong to a scrapped zone
Truth: They aren't from a Sonic game

Date of epiphany: Jan 16, 2004

Spr splash.gif Spr flame.gif

The above tiles were once believed by many to be for the lost desert zone, or at least, for another lost zone. Nemesis has found out they were actually leftover data from the pre-release of Chiki Chiki Boys. How could data from a totally different game get mixed into Sonic 2 Beta? Nemesis has explained everything.

False Alarm: This screenshot shows Genocide City Zone
Truth: The following screenshot is a hoax

Fa geno.png

Many people have claimed the above to be an authentic and only screenshot of Genocide City Zone. Their "supporting" reasoning is that near the lower right of the screen, there's a lost sprite that is indeed present in the ROM file. Thus, somehow, this "proves" the screenshot is real.

Spr flame.gifThis sprite appears in the above screenshot.

The presence of a lost sprite in a screenshot does not prove the screenshot is authentic! One could simply made a hoax based on real, discovered lost sprites, which is the case here. This cool hoax was created by BMF54123.

Furthermore, as stated above, this torch flame is a leftover item from another game. So the probability of this picture being real is 0.00.

False Alarm: Robotnik monitor is not being used in Sonic 2 final
Truth: Robotnik monitor is NOT a lost tile

Spr robotnickmon.gif
The Robotnik monitor is often displayed along with the Spring monitor as lost tiles. However the Robotnik monitor does appear in Sonic 2's 2-player mode as a random monitor.

False Alarm: In a prototype video, Sonic behaves like he does in Sonic Crackers when it comes to losing rings
Truth: Sonic does not lose his rings Sonic Crackers-style

Tv us5.jpg

Sonic appears to be able to lose his rings twice in this particular prototype. Click here to find out why this is not true.

False Alarm: Title screen sparkles were discovered in the prototype ROM
Truth: The sparkles were invincibility stars

monkeyman at Sonic CulT found the following tiles in Tile Layer Pro:

Fa stars.png

It was thought of the sparkles in the final's title screen. However it was soon found out that they are the invincibility stars, which is available in the prototype's Emerald Hill Zone. Nevertheless, we shall salute monkeyman for his effort!

False Alarm: There is a green statue in an earlier Hidden Palace Zone
Truth: It is a TV watermark

Date of epiphany: Oct 20, 2003

Mag compare7b.jpg

This object is not an emerald, a statue, or anything. This isn't even part of the game. Click here to find out more.