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Retro Sonic Nexus
Engine: Original, C++/DirectX
Credits: The Taxman, Slingerland, Hunter Bridges

Retro Sonic Nexus is an effort by "The Taxman" (Christian Whitehead), Slingerland (Brad Flick) and Hunter Bridges. It is a merger between three separate fan-games, Retro Sonic, Sonic XG, and Sonic Nexus. Sonic XG is the dominant fangame in the merger, and the levels from Retro Sonic and Sonic Nexus were adapted to the XG style and added to XG's levels.

According to various sources, due to other projects, including the 2011 version of Sonic CD, this project has been put on hold indefinitely.


  • The Doomsday
  • Final Fall
  • Cosmic Chaos
  • Wicked Works
  • Sunken Star
  • Opal Outback
  • Robotic Resort
  • Tyrannic Tower
  • Furious Finale

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