Please Marmolim!

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Sonic X episode #69
"Please Marmolim!"
Production no.: 069
Original airdate:
Country: Japan


Please Marmolim! is the 17th episode in the second season, and the 69th overall episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as The Planet of Misfortune.

Episode Summary

The Blue Typhoon intercepts a small ship containing a Chaos Emerald. It also contains a trio of Marmolims, from the planet of the same name. Planet Marmolim is sick after the theft of its Planet Egg, and they have been searching for help, with no luck so far. They agree to hand over their Chaos Emerald only if the Blue Typhoon returns them home.

Amy is reluctant to waste time on this detour until the Marmolins reveal that they are skilled fortunetellers, and love is their specialty. As soon as they set foot on the planet, Amy drags Sonic kicking and screaming to the matchmaker's hut. Her day consists of an escalating series of attempts to predict that she and Sonic are meant for each other, culminating in a master plan to trap him in a powerful love spell.

Meanwhile, Tails discovers why the planet is sick: an infection of structures like cancer cells in the planet's core. Sonic destroys the cancer cells using the Sonic Driver.

As Tails and Cosmo discuss the events of the day, they accidentally set off the trap that Amy had set for Sonic, causing her love spell to work on them instead of her and Sonic.


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  • During this episode, Amy mentions her exchange with Sonic in Episode 52 and quotes what he said to her while his voice was muted out. What she says depends on the translation, however, and in versions that voiced Sonic's words for that scene, Amy's report here does not necessarily match what he had said before.
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