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Planet Wisp (Wii)
Fourth level, Sonic Colours
Number of Acts: 6 (Wii)
Level theme: jungle
Secondary level theme: industrial
Planet Wisp, as seen in the Nintendo DS Version of the game

Planet Wisp the fourth stage of Sonic Colours.

What has been shown of this zone so far alludes it to being a industrial level built into a mountainside, leaving plenty of room for jumps through the twisting metal. The name of the level seems to show that this is the Wisps homeworld, where Eggman must have captured them to fuel his interstellar theme park. One noticeable landmark in Planet Wisp Act 1 is a quickstepping section set along a narrow path that hearkens back to a similar area in Jungle Joyride Act 1 in Sonic Unleashed. Falling from this area leads to the lower path of the stage.

This is the home of the Wisps, a host to a variety of fauna and mysterious vegetation.

— Description on the US Sonic Colours site

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