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Omega Arm
First seen: Sonic Heroes (2003)
User: E-123 Omega
Type: Attack

Omega Arm (オメガアームMedia:SonicHeroes PS2 JP manual.pdf[1]) is E-123 Omega's version of the Wide Power Attack move for Team Dark in Sonic Heroes.


After swinging Shadow and Rouge at enemies with his Remote Power Attack twice, pressing B (GC)/Square (PS2)/X (Xbox) again will make Omega stand in one place and swivel his torso in a circular motion in order to break out a final radius-of-effect attack with his built-in arm weapons at full force to knock out enemies. This is potentially Team Dark's strongest attack bar Chaos Inferno.

The strength and nature of Omega Arm depends on how many Power Cores Omega has collected:

  • Level 1: Omega turns his arms into rotary cannons and fires machine gun bullets from his arm cannons.
  • Level 2: Omega activates the flamethrowers in his arm cannons. This has a slightly larger radius than the previous level and deals roughly twice as much damage.
  • Level 3: Omega fires a barrage of missiles from his arm cannons at a slightly upward angle that explode on contact. This has the most range and deals the most damage.


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