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Nigel Kitching
Twitter: @nigelkitching

Nigel Kitching is a British writer and an illustrator for Comics. He is most well known for his work on Sonic the Comic. He worked on Sonic the Comic from 1993-1999 and for part of 2000.

He wrote most of the lead strips throughout this time in addition to writing other comics such as Streets of Rage, Sparkster, Shining Force, and Decap Attack. After Sonic the Comic started to issue reprints rather than publish new comics in mid-1999 he was forced off only to come back after the appointment of a new editor. He managed to write 10 more episodes of the lead strip which was published in 2000 only to have the company return to issuing reprints and he once again stopped writing new material. His only return to the comic was an article he wrote for the comics 200th issue, but this article was not published until issue 223.

In 2023, Nigel Kitching returned to the Sonic series with a part in the Sonic the Hedgehog's 900th Adventure comic from IDW Publishing thanks to David Mariotte.[1]

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