Mystic Cave Zone

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Mystic Cave Zone


Mystic Cave Zone
Sixth level, Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Number of Acts: 2
Level theme: underground/cave
Secondary level theme: spooky/supernatural
Boss: Drill Eggman II
Maximum rings, Act 1: 183 + 70
Maximum rings, Act 2: 220 + 70
For the Sonic Drift 2 level, see Mystic Cave (Sonic Drift 2).

Mystic Cave Zone is the sixth zone in Sonic 2. This zone was referred to as Dust Hill Zone in the Simon Wai prototype and several gaming magazines. The reason gaming magazines referred to the level as Dust Hill was probably due to the level select labeling the level as such. It is also the first level in a Sonic game to fall under the Underground Cavern cliché.

Instruction Manual Description

Robotnik's been digging for Chaos Emeralds in this eerie forest of flickering lights, glow-worms and stinging centipedes. Hang on to the ivy to discover escape routes.

Sonic 2 US Manual, p. 14

Sonic Team Commentary (from Sonic Jam Strategy Guide)

The feel here is a haunted-house (obakeyashiki), isn't it. But we ended up making a cave stage instead. When making this map, first we had drawn the island, there was a cave, there was a lake, a mountain, a construction site, we were thinking of all these areas. Like Sonic would be here at first, and then he'd go someplace else. That was part of the cave.

Yuji Naka


  • Crawlton - Centipede enemy, fixed to the wall and extends to attack Sonic when he approaches.
  • Flasher - Firefly enemy, moves around slowly and is invincible when flashing. Referred to as "Frasher" in Sonic Jam, which is Engrish for "Flasher".

Technical Information

Offset Description
0B Mystic Cave Zone level value
$2D42 MCZ Palette (0F)
$CD2C MCZ layer deformation info
$3FD24 Dynamic pattern reloading for 01, 02, 03, WFZ, 09, MCZ, SCZ (empty)
$407BE 01, 02, 03, WFZ, 09, MCZ, SCZ misc sprite mappings (empty)
$421F2 MCZ object debug list
$45200 MCZ primary 16x16 collision index
$452A0 MCZ secondary 16x16 collision index
$47B24 MCZ act 1 level layout
$47D24 MCZ act 2 level layout
$A8D04 MCZ 16x16 block mappings
$A9D74 MCZ main level patterns
$AD454 MCZ 128x128 block mappings
$E5998 MCZ act 1 ring locations
$E570E MCZ act 2 ring locations
$E986E MCZ act 1 sprite locations
$E99A0 MCZ act 2 sprite locations

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