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Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS)
Mushroom Hill
  • Classic
  • Modern
SonicGenerations 3DS MushroomHillClassic.png
SonicGenerations 3DS MushroomHillModern.png
Mushroom Hill
Third level, Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS)
Number of Acts: 2
Level theme: jungle
Boss: Big Arm
Non-English names:
  • JP: アイスキャップ Masshurūmuhiru
Casino Night | Emerald Coast

Mushroom Hill is the third level in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, and an adaptation of the original Mushroom Hill Zone seen in Sonic & Knuckles. Classic Sonic runs through the level in the summer with sun rays beaming through the trees, while Modern takes the more rustic time in the fall with leaf grinding and multiple branching paths.

Butterdroids, Dragonflies, Madmoles and Mushmeanies return in this level.


Act 1

Like the preceding levels, Classic Sonic's Act is a total recreation of the first Act from the original Mushroom Hill Zone, right down to a Checkpoint being needlessly placed right before the Signpost (as the sub-boss, Hey Ho, is no longer present). Rooms that would normally contain a Giant Ring now have clusters of Rings instead, and any monitor that would have given an elemental Shield instead provides a regular Shield.

Act 2

Unlike the more lush Act 1, Modern Sonic's Act is set in the fall, much like in the original Zone. This time, however, Sonic will come across Seed Propellers, contraptions which will carry Sonic across large distances if he boosts into them with enough speed.

At the end of the Act, Sonic will grind across a rail that will take him through a mushroom-filled cavern. Hedgehog-eating plants make their home on the rail, and Sonic must boost through them to avoid instant death. Eventually, Sonic will come across a rock wall at the end of the rail that he must break through with a well-timed Homing Attack in order to reach the Goal Ring.


Act 1

No. Mission Description Reward
026 Die-Hard Clear Mushroom Hill Act 1 in 2:00.00 without losing a life! Mushroom Hill Zone (Music)
027 Ring Collector Collect 60 Rings in Mushroom Hill Act 1 in 1:00.00! Flying Battery Zone (Music)
028 Keep the Pace Grab Time Items and clear Mushroom Hill Act 1 in time! 1994 Illustration (Art)
029 Rampage! Defeat 10 enemies in Mushroom Hill Act 1 in 1:00.00! Death Egg Zone (Music)
030 Stealth Attack Clear Mushroom Hill Act 1 in 2:00.00 without defeating enemies! Illustration 2 (Art)
031 Item Collector Get all Item Boxes in Mushroom Hill Act 1 in 2:00.00! Angel Island Zone (Music)
032 Special Trial Defeat 5 Madmoles in Mushroom Hill Act 1 in 1:00.00! Knuckles (Model)

Act 2

No. Mission Description Reward
033 Perfection Clear Mushroom Hill Act 2 in 2:20.00 without taking damage! Hydrocity Zone (Music)
034 Ring Collector Collect 45 Rings in Mushroom Hill Act 2 in 1:00.00! 1995 Illustration (Art)
035 Keep the Pace Grab Time Items and clear Mushroom Hill Act 2 in time! Marble Garden Zone (Music)
036 Rampage! Defeat 10 enemies in Mushroom Hill Act 2 in 2:00.00! Door into Summer (Music)
037 Stealth Attack Clear Mushroom Hill Act 2 in 3:00.00 without defeating enemies! 1996 Illustration (Art)
038 Special Trial Use Seed Propeller to get 70 Rings in Mushroom Hill Act 2 in 1:00.00! Amy (Model)


The following are the suggested clear times for achieving a high enough score to achieve each Rank:

S-Rank A-Rank B-Rank C-Rank D-Rank
Act 1 0:00.00 - 1:35.00 1:35.01 - 1:45.00 1:45.01 - 2:00.00 2:00.01 - 2:15.00 2:15.01 - 9:59.99
Act 2 0:00.00 - 1:45.00 1:45.01 - 2:00.00 2:00.01 - 2:50.00 2:50.01 - 3:25.00 3:25.01 - 9:59.99



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