Misty Lake

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Misty Lake
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Misty Lake
First level, Sonic and the Black Knight
Number of Acts: 7 missions
Location: The Outlands
Level theme: ancient ruins
Sub-boss: Mist Dragon
Boss: King Arthur
Non-English names:
  • JP: ミスティ・レイク
Camelot Castle

Misty Lake is the first stage of Sonic and the Black Knight for the Wii. The placid waterway is filled with grind-rail vines and no small number of the Arthurian world's ubiquitous long-eared villagers. Ancient palaces sit abandoned inside the chill waters of the lake, reminiscent of Kingdom Valley back on Sonic's world.

Misty Lake is also the long-time resting place of the sacred sword Caliburn.


After his impromptu (mid-chilli-dog) summoning to the Arthurian world by Merlina the Sorceress, Sonic is teleported away from a pre-emptive battle with King Arthur to the shores of Misty Lake. The first mission is a tutorial one, allowing the player to get the hang of the controls as Merlina instructs Sonic in basic swordcraft (by smashing the horn off an innocent Mist Dragon, for example). Sonic goes on to retrieve Caliburn the Sword from its resting place overlooking the lake - although the sentient weapon takes an instant dislike to Sonic's "knave-ly" attitude.

After the hedgehog undertakes some more practice wielding Caliburn, King Arthur finally tracks them down for the boss fight. True to Merlina's predictions, Sonic is unable to injure the King as long as he holds the Scabbard of Excalibur. Arthur withdraws, mocking Sonic as "A fool of a knight, not even worth slaying."

Merlina and Caliburn conclude that Sonic must consult with Nimue in order to learn how to defeat the King; but first he must take Caliburn to Camelot Castle, in order to repair the sword's dulled blade.


  • Special Challenge: Reach the Misty Lake - 100 followers
  • Special Challenge: Retrieve the sacred sword - 150 followers
  • Special Challenge: Wield the sacred sword - 150 followers
  • Defeat the Boss: King Arthur - 150 followers
  • Go for the Goal: Reach the goal - 350 followers
  • Pass Through the Gate: Reach the goal in time - 250 followers
  • Mastery Stage: Only allowed 8 sword swings - 100 followers


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