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SonicX 65 JP TitleCard.jpg
Sonic X episode #65
"Mission: Match Up"
Production no.: 065
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

The Chaotix Shocking Love Love Operation! is the 13th episode in the second season, and the 65th overall episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Mission: Match-Up.


After the harrowing events of the last battle, the crew of the Blue Typhoon make some much-needed repairs. Elsewhere, the remaining Metarex bosses--Black Narcissus, Pale Bay Leaf, and Yellow Zelkova--plot their next move.

An alarm on the Blue Typhoon signals the arrival of an unidentified ship, but it turns out to be the Chaotix, who got lost in space. Tails allows them to stay aboard while he fixes their ship. As he works on the repairs, Cosmo brings him a snack and confides that she is planning a surprise. The Chaotix spy on them as they are chatting, and Vector notices Tails' affection for her. Despite his coworkers' hesitation, Vector decides to engineer circumstances to help Tails and Cosmo start a real relationship.

His first plan requires that Cosmo be "attacked" so that Tails can rescue her. With the aid of some sleeping gas, and some sharpie-to-the-face, they make Knuckles into a monster puppet that Espio can manipulate while invisible. Espio proves to be a less-than-expert puppeteer, and Tails and Cosmo are only confused and amused.

Meanwhile, Eggman's crew is making their own repairs. The gravity from the wormhole put some dents in Decoe and Bocoe and made Bokkun taller, and Shadow is only just waking up again.

Tails and Cosmo bump into each other while moving boxes, and as Cosmo hurries off, she drops a flower pin. Tails picks it up and runs to return it to her, and discovers her surprise: a party for the whole crew to thank them for their help. Tails stays to help with the preparations. Vector volunteers the Chaotix to help too, and develops a new plan: they will turn the lights out, then put Tails and Cosmo near each other while it is dark. The plan backfires: in the darkness, Espio and Vector only grab nearby objects and crash into each other. A third plan, the old drop-a-handkerchief trick, also fails spectacularly: Vector's handkerchief has his own name on it. They finally see some progress when Vector kicks a disco ball: Tails dives to push Cosmo out of the way, landing on her...then lifts her by the waist to hang it from the ceiling.

As the Chaotix head out to bring everyone to the party, they find Knuckles, who is awake and out for vengeance. The Chaotix unwisely take the fight back to the party room, which trashes it, but the party is held anyway. Tails returns Cosmo's pin and manages to say that she is beautiful...but she is admiring the stars, and doesn't quite catch his meaning.

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Portuguese Missão: Cupido Mission: Cupid

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