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Milky Way
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Milky Way
Seventeenth course, Sonic Drift 2
Level theme: outer space
Emerald Ocean | Death Egg

Milky Way is (in addition to being the galaxy you're living in) a racecourse in Sonic Drift 2 for the Sega Game Gear. This stage is the fifth track of the Blue Chaos GP (Blue being the hardest of the three available tournaments), coming after Emerald Ocean and before Death Egg. Unlike the majority of races in the Chaos Grand Prix, this isn't a three-lap circular course; the objective is simply to get to the Death Egg ahead of everyone else. And the winning racer gets a Chaos Emerald!

And you thought burning rubber on brine was unusual back in Emerald Ocean. Try racing in vacuum! The Milky Way course is a strange, translucent racetrack of unknown provenance, winding through the astral black all the way to the Eggman's orbital fortress.

Despite its peculiar nature, Milky Way doesn't have that many tricks up its sleeve. The corners are usually manageable, although (despite the space motif) gravity still sinks its claws into you and sends you tumbling if you stray off the edge of the track. There are occasional meteor showers that bombard the track with green asteroids, but dodging the orbital debris isn't that hazardous.


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