Meta Junglira Zone

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Meta Junglira Zone
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Meta Junglira Zone
Third level, Sonic Triple Trouble
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: jungle
Boss: Wood Buttarundorf
Non-English names:
  • JP: メタジャングリラ Metajangurira
Sunset Park Zone | Robotnik Winter Zone

Meta Junglira Zone is the third level of Sonic Triple Trouble for the Sega Game Gear. As with other stages in this game, Meta Junglira consists of two standard Acts followed by a shorter, third Act which contains the Zone's boss. The level comes after Sunset Park Zone and precedes Robotnik Winter Zone.

Meta Junglira is a sprawling, swampy rainforest, similar to Angel Island Zone and Wood Zone. The bottom of the level is filled with viscous, muddy water; keep jumping, because sinking off the bottom of the screen is not conducive to Sonic or Tails' good health. Strange basket-like plants above the mud can launch Sonic skywards, into a thick canopy of wooden passageways. Bouncy fruits hang from the trees, frequently responsible for rebounding our heroes straight back down to where they came from.

Badniks in this level are Rabibin, and elevator-riding robots that fire projectiles. The boss is Wood Buttarundorf.

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