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Sun Medals and Moon Medals are collectibles present in Sonic Unleashed. Their gameplay characteristics, role and way of obtaining vary between the PS2/Wii and the PS3/Xbox 360 versions, although their appearance is identical.

A Sun Medal from Sonic Unleashed
A Moon Medal from Sonic Unleashed

PS2/Wii version


In this version, there are in total 103 Sun Medals and 71 Moon Medals. Sun Medals are obtained for every time you complete a Night Stage's set objective for the first timeMedia:SonicUnleashed PS2 US manual.pdf[1], and Moon Medals for every time you complete a Day Stage'sMedia:SonicUnleashed PS2 US manual.pdf[2]:

  • In a Night Stage Act, the three objectives are to finish the level within a set time, to collect at least a set number of Rings and to get at least a certain ammount of Dark Gaia Force;
  • In a Day Stage Act, the objectives are to finish the level within three gradually increasing set times;
  • In both Night and Day Stage missions, the objective is to simply clear the mission;
  • In Boss Stages, the objective is to beat the respective boss;

The Sun and Moon Medals serve to unlock the Item Doors at every Gaia GateMedia:SonicUnleashed PS2 US manual.pdf[3], so they are required to complete the game (although not necessary for story progression), as the last obtainable mission - "Reach the goal unscathed!" Day Stage in Adabat - requires you to get all Secret Items (except Secret Movie 36, which you obtain in this level), therefore you need all the Item Doors that contain them. Also, even if you don't complete the last level, most Secret Missions are also obtained in the Gaia Gates.


Mastering Night Stages
You can earn 3 Sun Medals per Night Stage you clear with an S Rank. Get S Rank by reaching the goal in the allotted time. using combos to fight, and grabbing energy from rings!

Secret Document 8 - "Collecting More Sun Medals", PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed

Mastering Day Stages
You can earn 3 Moon Medals per day stage cleared with an S rank. Beat the target time, and you're set! If you have trouble with one stage, move on and try back later.

Secret Document 9 - "Collecting More Moon Medals", PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed


PS3/Xbox 360 version

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