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Welcome to Sonic Retro, the Sonic scene's GFDL input and output wiki resource for collecting data about Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega Hardware and general video game history and information that is open to the entire community. We currently are working on 4,529 articles and have many more that are requested to be worked on.

While this wiki is designed to help the community by providing information, it is also dependent on the community to be updated. Anyone with an account may edit the wiki. As you feel more comfortable with the site, please feel free to make any changes or additions that you feel necessary.

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Featured Content

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Sonic Retro is home to the Internet's largest collection of official Sonic the Hedgehog series artwork, with more than 1,000 official drawings, illustrations, desktop wallpapers and pieces of concept art. All our artwork is conveniently sorted by game, character and official source it originates from. Check out our artwork archive to browse around.

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Our collection of interviews is conveniently available both for archival purposes and to have an easy-to-reach place for reading comments and thoughts by those involved in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, from comic book writers to musicians to artists and programmers. You may even learn a thing or two that hasn't been said anywhere else!

S2 ElectronicGamingMonthly Issue40 November1992 Page107.jpg
In addition to our interview collection, Sonic Retro hosts a variety of magazine articles and print advertisement for your viewing pleasure. Check out old articles relating to Sonic the Hedgehog games from magazines from around the world and let us know if you have anything sitting in a box or closet that we don't have!

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Yu Suzuki's GameWorks Vol. 1 Tranlsation project
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Sonic Generations Hacking (and More!)
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Dreamcast Collection for Steam is finally being sorted out
Holy fuck, they actually went and did it.
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