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Little Rex SU.png
Little Rex
Game: Sonic Unleashed
Affiliation: Dark Gaia

The Little Rex (リトルレックス) is an enemy in the night stages of Sonic Unleashed and one of Dark Gaia's minions. They are small, almost-cute creatures with stubby features that look like tiny Tyrannosaurus rexes, hence their name. Their colouring differs by version: in the Wii/PS2 version of the game, they have blue skin with purple glowing markings, while they are green with yellow markings in the 360/PS3 version.

Little Rexes are relatively weak creatures who will attempt to pursue Sonic like a pack of dogs and bite him with their large jaws; however, their attacks cause little damage and pose little challenge alone, but they always appear in packs and may cause problems, especially for inexperienced players. Because of how small and weak they are, Sonic can easily pick up two of the creatures and either use them as weapons against other enemies or smack the two creatures together.

They also have a stronger variant called Red Rexes.


Though quick to chomp, these little guys don't pack that much bite. That said, get enough of them together, and it spells trouble.

Denser than they look, they make great weapons when thrown.

— Encyclopedia, 360/PS3 versionMedia:SULittleRex.png[1]

These guys will chase you like a dog runs down the mail truck.

— Art Gallery, Wii/PS2 version



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