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This is the Japanese-to-English transcript of the Sonic X episode Infiltrate! Area 99‎. Words spoken in English are de-italicized.

Disclaimer: This transcript is based on a fan sub of the episode by WolfPackProductions, modified for grammar and any other inconsistencies. As this is translation, this is an interpretation and may not be 100% true to what is said originally.

[Flashback to Sonic the Hedgehog arriving on Earth at Chris Thorndyke's house, falling into his pool. Chris gets out of his bed and dives into the pool, grabbing Sonic's hand and pulling him out of the water. Sonic and Chris sit at the side of the pool as Sonic recovers from the ordeal.]

Chris: Are you alright?

[Sonic coughs.]

Sonic: Yeah, thank you.

[Chris looks on, surprised that Sonic can talk.]

Chris: can speak?

Sonic: Of course?

Chris: Wow! really can speak! I'm Chris! And you, what is your name?

Sonic: I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!

[Title Card - Episode 2 - Infiltrate! Area 99]

[It is day at Chris Thorndyke's house, a massive mansion on a large lot. Chris is on the phone to his mother, Lindsey Thorndyke, a successful movie actress.]

Lindsay: Sorry, it's been raining a lot and the filming is being delayed. I guess I won't be back until next week, but here's the good thing: I'll send you some presents by mail from here.

[Chris is on a porch using a cordless phone, looking out at the vast yard.]

Chris: Okay!

Lindsay: There's the sweet cotton candy that you like so much.

Chris: Thanks! Besides that, mama...actually, mama...I need to apologize to you...

Lindsay: What's up?

Chris: I broke two of my promises to you. That I can't go out after midnight and that I can't enter the adult pool...

[Chris' butler, Tanaka, arrives from inside with a tray of food and drink. After he puts it down, he reenters the house.]

Lindsay: You went swimming at that hour?!

Chris: isn't that...

[He looks up at the roof, where Sonic is resting, listening to the conversation.]

Chris: There was a cat drowning and I saved him.

Lindsay: Is that it? It's alright, I am not angry. You're very kind, Chris. Bye!

[Chris kisses the phone as she hangs up. He rubs the back of his head in embarrassment at her comments. Sonic, meanwhile, jumps down and sits on the porch barrier fence beside Chris.]

Sonic: When you said 'cat', you meant me, right?

Chris: ...yeah. Are you angry? If I had said that it was a hedgehog, she wouldn't understand.

Sonic: What do you mean?

Chris: Because hedgehogs are much smaller. They're like...about this size.

[He holds out his hands about the size of the cordless phone he is holding. Sonic groans.]

Chris: You're different. You're bigger in size and you can talk too. Say, when and where did you learn how to talk?

[Sonic itches his head in confusion.]

Sonic: I dunno. I don't remember anything that far back.

Chris: Really?

[The phone rings to Chris' surprise. He answers it.]

Chris: Yes? Papa!

[The man on the other end of the phone is Chris' father, Nelson Thorndyke, a successful businessman.]

Nelson: Chris? I just heard from your mother that a cat fell in the pool last night? I'm sorry, Chris, to have such poor security allowing a cat to pass by...

[Sonic looks on impatiently.]

Chris: No, no, don't worry about it, I'm alright. I let him go.

[Sonic itches his ear.]

Chris: It looked terrible, he got scared and ran away.

Nelson: Really?

Chris: Besides, Grandpa is over here, Ella and Mr. Tanaka as well. Anyway, you're busy, right Papa?

Nelson: Yeah, I'm quite busy.

[Sonic continues to watch on impatiently.]

Chris: Well, truthfully, everything is okay.

Nelson: Really? Well then, I have to go. You know that I always love you very, very much!

Chris: Me too, Papa. Bye!

[He hangs up and looks back at Sonic, who is shaking his head in disbelief. Chris blushes slightly and chuckles.]

Chris: Oh! What do you do for breakfast? What do you eat?

Sonic: What do the hedgehogs from here eat?

Chris: From what I found out on the Internet...

[He hands Sonic a plate full of brown pellets.]

Chris: This.

[Sonic takes one of the pellets and eats it. After a few bites, he responds in disgust.]

Sonic: What is this?!

Chris: Cat food.

[Sonic sticks out his tongue in disgust, trying to get Chris to get rid of it.]

Sonic: No way! I don't want this!

Chris: looked like it was hedgehog food, but it was written that it was cat food. Also, it said they eat dry grass...

[Sonic knocks the plate out of Chris' hand and stands up. He jumps away into a tree as Chris runs to the edge of the porch.]

Chris: W-Where are you going?!

[Sonic, standing on a tree branch nearby, looks back.]

Sonic: I prefer something more gourmet.

Chris: You can't! It's dangerous to go outside!

Sonic: See you!

[He jumps out of the tree and away.]

Chris: No wait! Wait, Sonic!!

[A television reporter reports on Sonic from the previous night, showing imagery from the helicopter of Sonic running along the highway.]

Reporter: Due to the incredible speeds, it is difficult to make out the image. Here are interviews with people who were at the scene.

[A police officer appears on the report, showing the height of Sonic by putting his hand near his waist.]

Officer: It's about this big, blue and looked like a hedgehog.

[A driver is interviewed.]

Driver: It went really fast, it passed by me with a SCREECH while going that way.

[Another driver is interviewed.]

Driver 2: I'm not kidding, I think it was going faster than Mach 5.

[A scientist with animals is interviewed, holding onto a monkey that has one of its hands around the scientist's neck and the other on his glasses, playing with them.]

Scientist: Well, it could be a U.M.A.. If you're wondering if it can be a being from the Earth, answer is no. The fastest animal is the cheetah, but they can't run as fast as a car.

[Zoom out to see Chris and Sonic watching the television report on a large flat-screen television in his living space.]

Scientist: An animal with such speed does not exist.

[Sonic is eating some food while watching the report.]

Chris: Is it tasty?

Scientist: It would be easier to simply say it is a machine.

[Sonic is munching on the food that Chris gave him while his grandfather, Chuck Thorndyke, enters the room.]

Sonic: More or less.

[Chuck walks into the room.]

Chuck: Did you hear Chris?! They said that what outran the S Team was some kind of mysterious machine.

[Chuck looks down to see Sonic, who is casually staring up at him from the couch. Chuck looks at the TV, then back at Sonic. He then zooms in on Sonic, staring at him right in his face. Chris quickly grabs a pillow and smothers Sonic, causing Chuck to back off.]

Sonic: *muffled* HEY! What are you doing?! Take it off!!

[He escapes the pillow and throws it off. He sits still in anger.]

Chuck: Blue...looks like a hedgehog...

[He gasps as he comes to realization of who Sonic is, smiling with joy. He then grabs Sonic.]

Sonic: Hey, hey, hey, wait!

[Chuck brings out a screwdriver. He digs it into the back of Sonic, causing him to laugh from being tickled.]

Chuck: What is this thing made of...

Sonic: AH! Stop!

[He escapes Chucks' grasp and jumps away, in front of the television. Chuck reacts in anger.]

Chuck: Don't run away!

Chris: Uhh...grandpa...he's...Sonic isn't a machine.

[Chuck stands up, aghast, dropping his screwdriver. While the three are staring at eachother, Cream's voice is heard over the television report.]

Cream: Stay away, please! I'm scared!

Cheese: Chao!

[Sonic looks at the television report, which shows a large billboard. A fire truck is beside it with a ladder with firefighters climbing up to Cream and Cheese, who are standing on the billboard ledge. Cream is holding onto Cheese, shaking in fear.]

Cream: Please! Stay away!

Sonic: It's Cream and Cheese!

Chris: You know them?

Sonic: So I wasn't the only one who came to this strange world. All right, wait for me!

[He runs off and out of the mansion. Chris tries to follow, but stops at the door. He shouts to Sonic.]

Chris: Do you even know where it is?!

[Sonic breaks through a hedge fence and skids to a stop. He runs back to Chris, stopping in front of him, shrugging his arms with a silly smile.]

[Chris and Sonic go to Chuck's large garage. Chuck is on the phone.]

Chuck: Okay. Yes, that will be helpful. I'll treat you to lunch next time.

[He hangs up and looks at Chris. Sonic is playing with one of Chuck's machines.]

Chuck: The police said that they were transfered to Area 99.

Chris: Area 99?

[He recalls the area, a military base similar to that of an airport with three runways in the middle of a desert.]

Chris: Isn't that a military laboratory?

Sonic: Military?

Chris: Yeah, the national defense force with tanks, armed cars and other weapons.

Sonic: Sounds like that creep, Dr. Eggman.

Chuck: To be taken to the military's laboratory means that they want to research them, like aliens from outer space or some kind of biological weapon that another country developed. But what really happens there, eh?

Sonic: How'd I know? Well, now that I know where the place is, I'm going.

[He starts walking away.]

Chris: If you do that, they'll catch you too!

[Sonic stops and looks back.]

Sonic: If they can catch me.

[The garage door closes in front of Sonic. He looks back again.]

Sonic: What're you doing?!

Chris: It wasn't me...

Chuck: It was me!

[Chuck flexes his muscles.]

Chuck: This looks like fun! My blood is excited!

Chris: You, grandpa?!

Chuck: You're also going. Don't you always say you refuse to have a boring life like your father?

Chris: That's a secret. You can't say that to Papa!

Chuck: I know!

[The trio are now on the road in Chuck's open-top sportster, riding along a road in the middle of a desert. Chuck driving while Chris is in the front, Sonic sitting, cross-armed, in the back.]

Sonic: This thing is going so slow, geez...

Chuck: Oh come on!

[Chris is holding onto a portable scanner that fits over the ear and has a transparent display for the right eye, similar to that of the scouter from the anime series Dragon Ball Z, but with a microphone as well.]

Chris: Is this it?

Chuck: Oh yes, yes!

[Chris hands the scanner to Sonic. He points at his head.]

Chris: Put it on.

Sonic: What is it?

Chuck: An infrared scope. Most likely, in Area 99, there will be plenty of traps, but if you use that, you should be able to avoid them.

[He puts the scope on, which fits perfectly. He gives a thumbs up and takes off his seatbelt. He jumps out of the car.]

Sonic: Thank you! Well, I'm going ahead!

[He speeds off ahead, overcoming the car no problem. Chris reacts with joy while Chuck is baffled at the sight.]

Chuck: Oh wow, he's so fast! All right!!

[He slams the gas pedal to the floor and speeds off, adrenaline pumping, while Chris is pushed back into his seat. Sonic, meanwhile, has already progressed far ahead.]

[The main Area 99 base is a square building with a rotunda. The whole area is protected by a double fence with barbed wire, guard towers and sirens. Inside, a large control room full of people monitor the security of the site and progress of experiments. One large screen shows a scientist waiting in an elevator as it goes underground. The door opens as another camera watches the scientist walk out, tracking his every movement. He approaches another door and an access panel. He puts his eye in front of a retinal scanner. It scans his eye.]

Computer: ID Number F219563-1.

[The computer verifies his identify, with another camera watching him. The door opens and he enters]

[Inside is a laboratory. Cream and Cheese are inside, locked in a transparent tube watching in fear as scientists work at control stations located around the room.]

Cream: Please let me out!

[A camera apparatus approaches the tube and looks at Cream and Cheese. They react in fear as Cream can see her reflection in the camera lens.]

Cream: W-What is this? What are you going to do with us?!

[The scientists completely ignore them as they monitor the data they are receiving. The camera is outputting a heat signature reading of the two. Cream reacts in fear as it continues to scan her.]

[Sonic, meanwhile, is still running toward Area 99.]

Chris: *communication* Can you hear me, Sonic?

Sonic: Yeah!

Chris: *communication* When you get in, head for the air vents. From there, you should be able to pass security.

[Chuck nods.]

Chris: Got it?

Sonic: All right!

[Chris looks at Chuck.]

Chris: But do you know where they are locked up?

[Chuck grabs the microphone communicator from Chris.]

Chuck: Of course!

[He speaks to Sonic.]

Chuck: Head for a suspicious-looking place, and if you go there, you should find our objective.

Chris: No way...

Sonic: I'll take care of it!

[He approaches the main gate of Area 99 at high speed, jumping over the two security fences with no problem. Six cameras detect him.]

Computer: Intruder detected.

[In the security room, the main displays show the exterior cameras attempting to track Sonic. Numerous cameras outside look all around, but can't locate him. He runs along an exterior pathway, faster than the cameras can catch. He looks ahead to see a large and open air vent, which he jumps into, sliding far underground.]

Sonic: I'm in the air vents!

Chris: Roger!

[Sonic hits the bottom on his butt, which he rubs in pain.]

Sonic: Well, that was close. Now, let's see...

[He crawls along the vent, but stops as he sees numerous motion sensing lasers ahead with his scope.]

Sonic: What the? There's no way!

Chris: *communication* What did you just say?

[He looks around.]

Sonic: Nothing.

[He moves ahead a bit at a grate before the motion sensors start. He looks down to see a corridor full of cameras.]

Sonic: This is a really low level.

[He pulls the grate off and pokes his head through the ceiling of the corridor. A camera is nearby, looking around. Once it looks away, he pops down more and drops out, hugging his back against the wall under the camera. He then looks ahead and starts zig-zagging along the corridor against the walls while the various cameras look away from him. He reaches another corridor and hides, escaping detection.]

Sonic: Too easy!

[He looks ahead as the corridor continues on with even more security cameras.]

Sonic: All!

[He continues zig-zagging along, avoiding the cameras' sights.]


Character Card

Japanese: Cream the Rabbit
English: Cream the Rabbit
Nickname: Cream
Race: Rabbit
Gender: Female
Height: 70 cm
Weight: 12 kg
Age: 6 Years
Likes: TV (especially this show)


Character Card

Japanese: Cheese
English: Cheese
Called: Cheese
Race: Chao
Gender: Unknown
Height: 40 cm
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Likes: Coconuts


[In the security room, the computer is reporting its progress.]

Computer: Checking...checking...

[Sonic continues his zig-zag pattern down the corridor, with the cameras unable to catch him. He stops every so often to check the cameras above him. Watching the cameras, he then speeds off down the middle of the corridor to a T-intersection. He turns the corner with the cameras not catching him.]

[Outside, Chuck stops his car at a cliffside overlooking the base.]

Chris: Will he be all right?

[In the laboratory, in the tube, Cream and Cheese look up as a scanner lights up above them, completely surrounding the tube, and starts descending toward them. They watch as the scanner completely surrounds them, putting them in darkness apart from the green lights from the scan. The scientists watch as a 3D wireframe-like output is shown on a screen. They gasp as it comes up. The scanner's lights start pulsating.]

Cream: I'm scared!

Cheese: Chao...

[Sonic has reached the door to the laboratory, looking from the corner of another corridor. A camera watches beside the door.]

Sonic: *thinking* Here's his so-called 'suspicious place', but how am I supposed to get in?

[He turns back and thinks.]

Sonic: If I go alone, I'll still have a chance but by taking Cream and Cheese, it'll be hard...

[Suddenly, all the lights go off: a power outage. He looks around as the computer reports.]

Computer: Malfunction in the power system. Malfunction in the power system.

[In the security office, the scientists working watch a power distribution grid diagram showing the outage's progress. In a power transmission grid, numerous power lines have been cut with miniature paper airplanes made of circuit boards.]

Scientist: What has happened?!

Scientist 2: I can't see a thing!

[The scientists in the laboratory hear glass crashing as they look around to determine the source.]

Scientist 3: What is that noise?!

[They look over to see the laboratory tube that Cream and Cheese were held in smashed. Aside, hiding behind a large computer device, Sonic has taken Cream and Cheese.]

Cream: Soni...!

Sonic: 'Shhh!

[Cheese reacts with joy and jumps on Sonic, giving him a hug. The scientists hear this.]

Scientist 3: Who's there?!

Sonic: Let's run!

Cream: Yes!

[Sonic hands Cheese over to Cream and they leave their cover. Meanwhile, at the transmission grid, an engineer with a flashlight spots one of the circuit board planes and looks at it.]

Engineer: A paper airplane?

[He looks closely and sees the circuitry on the plane functioning.]

Engineer: Impossible! Who did this?!

[He acknowledges a whole group of engineers around him, while a ton of wires in the room spark from the miniature planes.]

Engineer: But before that, hurry and restore the system to normal!

Engineers: Right!

[Sonic and Cream, with Cheese, run down the corridor, not having to worry about the cameras due to the outage.]

Cream: Did you do this, Sonic-san?

[He looks back at them while still running.]

Sonic: Nope, it wasn't me. I can't do that much.

Cream: I think that maybe you have something that brings you good luck!

Sonic: Oh yeah?

[While still running, the power reactivates. They look around as the lights reactivate, as do the cameras. Sonic stops as he sees all the nearby security cameras pointing straight at them.]

Cream: Maybe...sorry, I must have done something...

Sonic: You have nothing to do with it.

[The security cameras sprout miniature laser weapons.]

Sonic: Shit! Let's go!

Cream: Okay!

[Holding onto Cream, he continues to run along the corridor as the cameras now start firing lasers at the three. With Cream in tow, he can't run fast, and the lasers are able to shoot close to them.]

[Outside, Chuck and Chris look on as they hear the warning sirens from the base.]