Ice Paradise

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Ice Paradise
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Ice Paradise
Fourth Zone, Sonic Advance 2
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: winter
Boss: Aero Egg
Maximum rings, Act 1: 546 + 43~190
Maximum rings, Act 2: 343 + 42~140
Non-English names:
  • JP: アイスパラダイス
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Ice Paradise is the fourth Zone of Sonic Advance 2. As with other Zones in this game, Ice Paradise consists of two standard Acts followed by a boss Act.


More technological than most icy levels, Ice Paradise features a well-lit city in the background, along with shifting spotlights first seen in Secret Base Zone from Sonic Advance. A carpet of white snow at night lies above the floor of crystalline blue-and-purple rocks, with various metal loops and ramps frozen into the environment. The snow-blanketed roads are lined with LED signs that tell the player which direction they should take, along with several other man-made constructions.

The Zone includes several sliding sections, including shiny ice and frozen metal tracks. The player should keep their wits to jump before they reach the end of the slides, as they often crudely dump them into bottomless pits if they ride for too long. Not all of them are dangerous, however, as a few of them stop at a wall or some other blockade to stop the player.

Spherical contraptions can also be encountered throughout the Zone which the player will run into through the side. If they enter these contraptions when running at high speed, they will be fired out of the top exit onto a higher route; otherwise they will drop through the bottom exit and be dumped into a lower route. Also encountered are strips of road that can be run on if the player runs at them at a fast-enough speed, previously seen in Sonic Advance's Neo Green Hill Zone Act 1, but used more frequently here.


Balloon — Floating red blobs that cough laser beams straight downwards.
Hammerhead — Shark bots that spring gleefully through the air. Their heads can be stood on like platforms.
Pen — Robotic penguins that slide around on their bellies.

Special Ring locations

The following are the locations of the Special Rings for access to the Special Stage in Ice Paradise. Detailed maps featuring the Special Ring locations can be found here.

Ring Act 1 Act 2
#1 From the start, stick to the highest-possible routes as much as possible. The first Special Ring is beneath a downward loop; use the swinging bar to reach it. Take the highest route possible from the start, eventually running into a spring that leads up to a swinging bar and the first Ring.
#2 After the first Ring, drop down and carefully jump to the left to get the second Ring. Continue to take the highest possible route from the first Ring. The loops and springs up ahead will lead to the second Ring.
#3 After the second Ring, continue along the highest-possible route. At a rail with a Balloon, ignore the rail and keep going forward down a different rail that leads up a quarter-pipe and to a swinging bar leading to a platform with the third Ring. After Ring #2, continue to take the highest possible routes, eventually grinding across a series of rails leading to the third Ring above a downward loop.
#4 From #3, continue to take the highest route possible, grinding and jumping across rails and taking out the Balloons, eventually leading to a spring that leads up to the fourth Ring. Keep taking the highest possible route. After a pair of loops, a Speed Booster will lead up a quarter-pipe and up into the air with a floating platform and the fourth Ring.
#5 After #4, drop down to the lowest route and enter the spherical contraption at a low-enough speed to go down. Jump at the end of the ice slide to avoid a bottomless pit and grab the fifth Ring. From #4, jump across and bounce on a spring leading to a rail, leading to another spring atop a downward loop that leads to the next Ring.
#6 From the fifth Ring, continue onwards and take the highest-possible paths from this point, and carefully jump from each metal slide to a path with two Pens that leads to another Ring above another metal slide. Drop down immediately after grabbing the fifth Ring, and jump over the spring to reach the sixth Ring.
#7 From #6, continue to take the highest possible route. The final Special Ring is located just before dropping down to the final rail before the goal. From #6, proceed to the goal as normal. The final Special Ring is on the yellow strip of road on the homestretch.

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comics)

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series by IDW Publishing, Ice Paradise is visited by Silver the Hedgehog to deal with a Zombot outbreak that occurred at the Zone during the Metal Virus saga, in which the city was on fire. Despite Silver's efforts, the Rescue Shuttle went down to the Zombots, and Silver failed to save anyone.


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