Ice Factory

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Sonic Riders
Ice Factory


Ice Factory
Third Babylon level, Sonic Riders
Level theme: industrial
Played as: Storm
Opponent: E-10000G

Ice Factory is the third Babylon story racecourse in Sonic Riders. Returning to Egg Factory after the EX World Grand Prix course is over, the industrial complex seems to be in the middle of a maintenance cycle - which, in Robotnik's world, seems to involve shutting down everything except the fans and dousing all available surfaces in cryogenic fluid. Chill air blows through the overhead vents as ice patches mess with the racer's cornering (which is odd, because Extreme Gears are hoverboards and don't even touch the ground anyway).


After Storm's loss to Knuckles in the Egg Factory race, the Babylon Rogues return to their zeppelin. Storm attempts to excuse his embarrassing defeat to Jet by blaming the Gear, which Wave takes umbrage at. Telling his subordinates to shut up, Jet assigns Storm a new mission to redeem himself. Rightly suspicious of their colleague Eggman's agenda, Storm is sent to sneak into the Doctor's base to see if he can uncover anything of the fat man's plans.

The race in Ice Factory simply requires Storm to evade the pursuit of Robotnik's E-10000G guard-bots.