Hydrocity Zone

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The second zone in Sonic 3. This zone is completely underground - whoever you are playing as will fall from the top at the start of act 1, and be launched up on a water spurt to Marble Garden Zone at the end of act 2.


  • As Hyper Sonic, you can travel over the top of the level and into Knuckles' area. Once you have done this however, you are stuck unless you have debug mode activated.


Hydrocity's mid-boss is composed of a U-shaped arena around which some kind of ball spins. It's only safe to attack said ball while it is in the middle, at which time it will be trying to spin you round. However, you can spindash up the side and attack while it is offscreen without getting hurt.


The boss is similar to the mid-boss in a way. There's water on the floor, and Robotnik will try to suck you up on a water fountain, which can actually be used to stand on. You can also use the bomb's splashes to launch yourself towards Robotnik.