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Hotaru (ホタル) is a badnik in Sonic the Hedgehog CD's Stardust Speedway and Metallic Madness. It is a strange firefly badnik that is unusual in that it behaves differently in each Round it appears in. It isn't listed in any instruction manual, however it is referred to as "hotaru7" or "hotaru8" in the game's source code (hotaru being the Japanese word for firefly; the 7 or 8 designating which Round's version of the badnik is being used).

The Stardust Speedway variant flies around for a short while, then settles on screen. It situates itself in such a way that no matter where or how you move, they don't. Then they light up and shoot a line of electrified balls out, then fly away, never to be seen again. Hit them before this happens.

The Metallic Madness variant appears in Zone 3, immediately before the boss. They shoot a laser straight down, then fly to a different part of the screen and repeat.

These enemies have some similarities to the Flasher badniks from Mystic Cave Zone.

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