Hocke-Wulf (boss)

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Hocke-Wulf (boss)
Game: Tails' Skypatrol
Level: Rail Canyon Area
Hits to defeat: 20

Hocke-Wulf[1] (ホッケウルフ)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[2] is a blue anthropormorphic wolf. He is the first boss of Tails' Skypatrol and presumably the lowest-ranked minion of the three that accompany Witchcart. Hocke-Wulf and his peers, Bearenger and Carrotia, all help raid the random island the Witchcart claims. They all secure a part of the island, with Hocke-Wulf being left with Rail Canyon Area. He has a silly cartoonish design and rides a flying bike similar to Fang's. He also seems to be a parody of the "western" stereotype, amplifying it with his appearance and boss music.


When fought at the end of Rail Canyon Area, Hocke-Wulf has a simple attack pattern in which he keeps his distance from Tails as much as possible and lobs mines that move up and down at him. When these mines are shot at with Tails' Ring, they will explode into four pellets that spread diagonally. To defeat him, the player must repeatedly hit him with the Ring 20 times, or hook him with the Ring and toss him into the terrain four times.

When defeated, he is dragged away by Tails, like the rest of the bosses.

Name origin

Hocke-Wulf's name is likely inspired by Focke-Wulf, a German manufacturer of military aircraft for the Luftwaffe during World War II.


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