Heroes Power Plant

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Heroes Power Plant Preview.png
Heroes Power Plant
Category: Level editor
Status: Active (Work in Progress)
Supported Games: Sonic Heroes
Credits: igorseabra4

Heroes Power Plant is a work in progress level editor program designed to edit levels in Sonic Heroes. It is being written by igorseabra4 in C# using DirectX link libraries for the viewer and it's name is based on the fourth stage of the game. The tool contains a number of editors combined into one editing tool as well as with a reversed engineered version of HeroesONE and the SA Tools by other programmers. It can import collisions from an obj or an existing .cl file, allow the viewing of level geometry and collisions from their one archives and supports camera editing.

The program is currently being rewritten from scratch with xna to support vertex colors on model import.


This tool is currently only available in source code at this time as it's under development. You can get it here and compile one to try it out.