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[[Main Page|The Sonic Retro Info wiki]] is a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to ''Sonic the Hedgehog''.  If you need some help browsing or editing a page on our site, one of the pages listed in the list below should be helpful.
== About the Sonic Retro wiki ==
* [[Sonic Retro:Tutorial|Tutorial]]: A general introduction for newcomers.
* [[Sonic Retro:About|About]]: Another general introduction about who we are, what we want, why we're here, and where we're going.
* [[Sonic Retro:FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]]: A collection of anticipated questions about our policies, practices, and goals.
* [[Sonic Retro:Copyrights|Copyrights]]: An overview of Sonic Retro's copyright policy.
* [[Sonic Retro:Hack Policy|Hack Policy]]: A guide to Sonic Retro's perspective on Sonic hacks.
== Getting started ==
* [[Help:Logging in|How to log in]]
* [[Help:Editing|How to edit a page]]
* [[Help:New page|How to start a page]]
* [[Help:Wiki markup|How to use Wiki markup]]
* [[Help:Image markup|How to include images]]
* [[Help:Table markup|How to include tables]]
* [[Help:Talk Page|How to use talk pages]]
* [[Help:Section|How to use headers]]
== Features ==
* [[Help:Preferences|Setting your preferences]]
* [[Help:Search|Search]]ing
* [[Help:Go button|Go button]]
* [[Help:Recent changes|Recent changes]]
* [[Help:Related changes|Related changes]]
* [[Help:Watchlist|Using the watchlist]]
* [[Help:What links here|What links here]]
* [[Help:Page history|Page history]]
* [[Help:User contributions|Tracking user contributions]]
* [[Help:Edit summary|Edit summary]]
* [[Help:Minor edit|Minor edit]]s
* [[Help:Template|Using templates]]
* [[Help:Variable|Variable]]s
* [[Help:Category|How to use categories]]
* [[Help:Special characters|Special characters]]
* [[Help:ISBN link|ISBN link]]s
* [[Help:Namespace|Understanding namespaces]]
* [[Help:Keyboard shortcuts|Keyboard shortcuts]]
* [[Help:Custom Retro functions|Custom Retro functions]]
== Creating images ==
* [[Sonic Retro:Screenshots|Screenshot creation guide]]
* [[Sonic Retro:Scanning|Physical scanning guide]]
** [[Sonic Retro:Scanning/Windows|Windows scanning guide]]
** [[Sonic Retro:Scanning/Linux|GNOME scanning guide]]
* [[Sonic Retro:PNG Compression|PNG compression and optimization]]
== Problem solving ==
* [[Help:Edit conflict|How to resolve edit conflicts]]
* [[Help:Protect a page|How to protect a page]]
* [[Help:Rename a page|How to rename a page]]
* [[Help:Redirect|How to redirect a page]]
* [[Help:Merge|How to merge two pages]]
* [[Help:Revert a page|How to revert a page]]
* [[Help:Delete a page|How to delete a page]]
* [[Help:Browser notes|Browser notes]]

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