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Haniman is a Zoah merchant and former holographics technician encountered by Sonic and friends on the Twilight Cage's Zoah Colony during Chapter 8 of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. As a producer of charms to ward off the "Night Stalker", a monster said to prowl the Colony's streets, Haniman seems to be making a tidy profit off the fear and misery of his fellow aliens.

As Sonic's party travel the Zoah Colony, they eventually encounter this "Night Stalker" - only for Tails to discover it is in fact nothing more than a holographic projection, perpetrated by (*shock*) Haniman himself. After being laid off as a military holographist, Haniman invented the Night Stalker myth as a means of making money by selling talismans to counteract it. Presented with irrefutable proof of his fraud, the merchant packs up shop swiftly - leaving behind a Precursor tablet which the team can take to show Nestor the Wise.