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Graffiti City
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Graffiti City
Emerald Cup, third level, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Level themes: urban, East Asian
Chilly Castle | Sanctuary Falls

Graffiti City is a race track in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and the third track of the Emerald Cup, representing the Jet Set Radio series. It is also the home track of Beat and Gum.


Unlike the previous game, racers tour through the Benten-Cho area of Tokyo-To as the track goes through all zones of the city, with the starting line in Shibuya, followed by the construction sites of Kogane (Rokkaku Hill) and the highways of Benten (Highway Zero). With the race taking place at sunset, it suggests that the race is taking place in Benten-Cho, known as the city of sunset in Jet Set Radio.

According to interviews, this track takes place during the fight against the Rudies and Police, with the army eventually showing up to destroy the track, causing racers to shift to plane form for the final lap. Before these events happen, Professor K sends radio transmissions warning of these upcoming events.


The music that plays here is a slight remix of "That's Enough", which transitions into "Everybody Jump Around".


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