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Frozen Base Zone
  • Act 1
  • Act Tails
  • Act 2
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SonicSuperstars PC FrozenBase ActTails.png
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Frozen Base Zone
Tenth Zone, Sonic Superstars
Number of Acts: 3
Location: Northstar Islands
Level themes: winter, industrial, underground/cave, sky
Sub-boss: Frozen Base Zone mini-boss
Boss: Frozen Base Zone bosses
Non-English names:
  • JP: フローズンベース
  • KR: 프로즌 베이스
Cyber Station Zone | Egg Fortress Zone

Frozen Base Zone is the tenth Zone of Sonic Superstars. Frozen Base consists of two standard Acts and a special alternate Act known as "Act Tails" exclusive to Tails, with each standard Act ending in a boss fight.


Sprawling from snow-covered terrain to a mechanized underground facility, this Zone is a not a usual ice-themed level, but rather focused on the machinery side that makes up most of the obstacles Sonic and friends face. The background of the external area features a vibrant pink sky, a snowy forest of pine trees, snowmen and dunes of piled up snow; the internal areas are the typical industrial kind with plates of metal making most of the scene while the underground area has a cavernous appearance with stalactite and stalagmite of frozen stone and openings allowing beams of sun light to penetrate the surface of the cavern.

Among the obstacles in the level are the classic ice-blowing machines previously featured in IceCap Zone, working pretty much the same way as in their origin Zone, and alongside those machines, the main gimmick of the first Act are the conveyor belts; blue ones roll to the right, red ones to the left and can be switched out if the player comes across a switch on their way. At the very end of Act 1, as the Egg Fortress begins to rise, it makes the terrain dislocate, making yet another challenge for Sonic and friends to conquer on their path to the Act's boss. To help Sonic and company reach the boss, Trip receives help from a yeti to hold up some of the terrain so that they may enter the cave where the boss lurks.

The player(s) may choose to play after Act 1 or Act Tails. In Act Tails, Tails enters a more industralised part of the Zone that necessitates his ability to fly. Crushers and ice spikes are more prominent, making it particularly more challenging for the fox to traverse. At the end of the Act, Tails will discover a chamber full of old Egg Mobiles from past games, and get the idea of using his mechanical genius to repair and reprogram them for himself and his friends to catch up to the Egg Fortress with.

Once the Egg Fortress ascends completely, however, this Zone transforms into a completely different setting visually and gameplay-wise. Deep blue skies replace the pink aesthetic as Sonic and his friends fly around inside their own respective reprogrammed Egg Mobiles in a level inspired by the 1986 arcade game Fantasy Zone, even down to featuring enemies and bases from the series. All Egg Mobiles are outfitted with a Twin Shot and Bombs to destroy the enemies and bosses with. Destroying all the bases lead Sonic and friends to outer space where they face two bosses back-to-back before arriving at Dr. Eggman's space fortress.


Moocolon — Appears only in Act 2.
Orbinaut — Simple sphere bots protected by four, orbiting spiked balls that are launched once the player is spotted. Appears in Act 1 and Act Tails.
Quili-Quili — Appears only in Act 2.
Sourtham — Appears only in Act 2.


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