Final Fortress

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Final Fortress
Fourteenth level, Sonic Heroes
Boss: Egg Emperor

Final Fortress is the fourteenth and final stage in Sonic Heroes. Taking place aboard the immense whale shark flagship of the Egg Fleet, Final Fortress is a forbidding leviathan of steel and lightning, chock-full of bottomless drops, screeching death lasers, and elite enemies - chief amongst them the much-feared Heavy Egg Hammer and E-2000R.


The Egg Carrier is nothing compared to this!

Knuckles, as the stage opens

The heroes have reached their final destinations and have landed on the whale shark flagship. This enormous engineering feat is the last obstacle that needs to be overcome in order to get Eggman. Team Sonic hopes to stop Eggman's plans for world domination. Team Dark wishes to destroy the flagship and capture Eggman (and his treasure, in Rouge's case). Team Rose are about to rescue Froggy and Chocola, while Team Chaotix are finally going to meet their client in person. However, "Eggman" is none too pleased about the intruders on his headquarters, and comes out to do battle in the Egg Emperor.


The regular / extra missions are:

  • Team Sonic: Destroy the flagship's core! / Get to the Goal Ring within 8 minutes!
  • Team Dark: Get to the Power Core where Eggman is! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Team Rose: Hurry and find Eggman! / Collect 200 rings
  • Team Chaotix: Find the Keys to the client's cell! / Find 10 Cell Keys!


  • This stage is notable for creating a plot hole in Team Chaotix's story. In this stage, they are supposed to collect keys to open the jail cell were the client is locked up. However, in the CG movie, Vector simply knocks down the door without using the keys.
  • Unlike much of the Eggman Fleet, the Final Fortress is still airborne at the end of the game. Apparently this flying whale shark didn't meet its end until Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, when it is destroyed by the heroes and GUN above Metropolis in the game's opening sequence.