Escape from New Yoke

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Sonic Prime episode #3
"Escape from New Yoke"
Season: 1
Original airdate:
Country: United States
The Yoke's on You | Unwelcome to the Jungle
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"Escape from New Yoke" is the third episode of Sonic Prime.


Prime universe Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, and Rouge the Bat fight off Buzz Bombers and Caterkillers before the Paradox Prism shatters. They are wondering what's taking Sonic so long to collect Rings. Sonic from across Green Hill sees the battle happening on the mountain as he gets punched in the face by Shadow. Sonic then tricks Shadow to look away, then he Homing Attacks him into a rock wall then runs off. Shadow breaks through the rock Sonic trapped him in after the blue blur disappeared. He then runs past Big the Cat and Froggy while trying to find Sonic.

Cutting back to the present time, right before Rusty Rose knocked Sonic's light out, Tails Nine hacks into her programming so she follows his orders instead of the Chaos Council. Now Rusty helps Sonic and the others fight the Egg-forcers. Once they are all taken out Sonic is happy to have the band back together but no one else is happy about it. Sonic doesn't fully realize yet what happened to the universe during the battle for the Paradox Prism. Mr. Dr. Eggman orders Dr. Deep and Dr. Babble to capture their new enemies but they end up being ineffective. Sonic also teaches Nine and Renegade Knucks how to Spin Dash as they fight through the onslaught of robots on their way to find the Paradox Prism.

Once they get to the chamber with the Prism inside, Nine hacks the door to open it. While they were walking in, Rusty, Rebel and Knucks were grabbed by Mr. Dr. Eggman in a big mech suit. The door between Sonic and Mr. Dr. Eggman closes before he can do anything about it. Nine tries to draw Sonic's attention back to the Prism but he desperately wants to save his friends. The others manage to break free from Mr. Dr. Eggman's grasp and Rebel tells Sonic to just go after the Prism. Once Sonic looks at the crystal they were after, he realizes it is not the Prism. Or at least not the whole of it, just a shard. Sonic then realizes that this whole mess is his fault. Because he didn't listen to Prime Tails' warning he caused this. He believed before it must have been Eggman's fault, never taking a step back until now to think about it. Now realizing he created New Yoke City Sonic doubts himself. Nine then tells Sonic to snap back to reality, grab the shard, then they can sort the rest out later. Sonic tells Nine that previously Tails said not to touch it, but Nine stubbornly just says to grab it and go. Upon touching it however, Sonic is pulled inside of it, and it sends him out of this space.

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