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Egg Magicians (エッグマジシャン), are enemies found in Sonic Heroes. They are stage specific and only appear in Hang Castle (only if a Bishop is flipped over or in Super Hard mode), Mystic Mansion and Robot Storm (except Team Rose).

Egg Magicians are considered to be the dark side of the Egg Bishop. Once a Bishop is flipped over by the wind, it will become a vicious Magician. They are much meaner looking and are dark purple color. Their incantations will not heal other robots but will snatch the rings from one of the player's teammates.

An Egg Magician can turn back into an Egg Bishop if attacked by a wind-based attack.


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A transparent version of the Egg Magician.
  • When Chaos Control is in effect, Egg Magicians always appear as Egg Bishops until time starts again.
  • The codes discovered in the PC version of the game contains material operations for the transparent version of the enemy with additive alpha, but they were not used in any of it's abilities especially the Egg Bishop. However, the transparent model is only rendered if the opacity is lower than normal.


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