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Drill Mole
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Drill Mole
Game: Tails Adventures
Affiliation: Battle Kukkus
Hits to defeat: 1

The Drill Mole[1] is an enemy that appears in Tails Adventures.


Drill Moles, as their name would suggest, are robotic moles sporting tiny limbs and large drills on their heads. These robots are usually stationed in caves, particularly Volcanic Tunnel, Cavern Island and Polly Mt. 2, where they will hide underground with their drills poking out. When Tails walks over the ground where a Drill Mole is stationed, it will burrow out of the ground in an attempt to catch him off-guard and then retreat back into the ground.

The best way to take them out is to use a Bomb or any other offensive item on them when they emerge from the ground. Like many enemies in Tails Adventures, Drill Moles have a chance of dropping a Ring when destroyed.


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