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Dragon Canyon.png
Samba Studios
Level, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Number of Acts: 1
Level theme: desert/western

The track is based on the game, Panzer Dragoon and as the name implies, is set in a canyon. It is the fourth and final track of the Dragon Cup.

The track is set in a canyon Panzer Dragoon with a great round which begins in a cave that goes to a bridge. Something well highlighted on the track is the Hero's blue dragon, flying through the stage or standing on top of rock formations.

When the track turns to the aquatic part, its setting is set in a river at the end of your course is a series of waves that take the player to another processor gimmick. As the shoot that goes up the river, it has obstacles like stone bridges and other rock formations with vines.

After both of these paths, the player is taken to another part of the track where the track is progressively destroyed and the cave entrance is blocked by pieces of a broken statue. This ends up forcing players to follow the path of the river and diverting them to an air path that would be the last lap of the race. The players are brought into this air path from the destruction of the stone bridge by a creature, forcing players to turn into jets and go to the last lap of the course.

The songs in this stage are remixes respectively, Flight, Empire and Worms. The stage of the introduction of music is a remix of the theme of Panzer Dragoon.


The track is shown in the introductory trailer of the game.

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