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Dead Line
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Dead Line
7th (Sonic and Blaze) Zone, Sonic Rush
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: space station
Boss: Sonic vs. Blaze
Non-English names:
  • JP: デッドライン
Altitude Limit (Sonic) | Unknown (Sonic)
Huge Crisis (Blaze) | Unknown (Blaze)

Dead Line is a Zone in the Nintendo DS game Sonic Rush. It is the seventh Zone for both Sonic and Blaze. As with other Zones in the game, Dead Line consists of two standard Acts followed by a dedicated boss Act.


Both Sonic's and Blaze's stories lead to this Zone after all the other Zones they have been through. In Sonic's story, Sonic and Tails run into Amy Rose, and by Tails' suggestion that Sonic asks if she's seen Dr. Eggman or Blaze. Amy glares at Sonic over him mentioning another girl, and it's only after Tails reasons with her that she answers the question calmly, telling them she saw her come this way with Cream. Frustrated, Sonic exclaims that Amy should have told him earlier, but thanks to her answer, he and Tails make their way towards Dead Line.

In Blaze's story, Blaze runs into Amy again, who asks her if she's seen Sonic again. Though Blaze states she found six of the Sol Emeralds without his help, Amy asserts that Blaze should learn to be able to ask others for help and that she can't always do things alone, to which Cream agrees, claiming that Sonic is Blaze's friend since Amy is a friend. Suddenly, Knuckles shows up to settle his score with Blaze, so Amy distracts him while Cream flies Blaze out of there. Blaze expresses gratitude to Cream for pulling her out of the situation with Knuckles, and the two decide to find the last Sol Emerald together.

Sonic and Blaze ultimately cross paths again at the end of the Zone when they encounter Eggman/Nega, with Blaze insisting she'd solve the problem on her own, even willing to fight Sonic to get him out of her way, leading to the two heroes clashing with one another...


Dead Line takes place in a space station similar to the Death Egg. The background indicates that there is a massive glass-like casing around it to keep the air in. One main gimmick in this stage is changing gravity, which happens throughout many parts of the Zone whenever the player moves from one screen to the other. Many high-speed rockets appear which the player can ride and control. Pressing forward in the direction the rocket is facing will cause it to rotate upwards. Pressing in the opposite direction will cause it to rotate downwards.

Contraptions embedded in the Zone's walls or floating throughout the level siphon dropped Rings out of the air; for this reason, getting hit in this stage can be very dangerous no matter the amount of Rings the player has. To compensate for this, each Act is rich with a large amount of Rings, usually in areas where the player is bouncing between both screens, enough to easily get 100 or even 200 if the player doesn't get hit.

This Zone also has sideways gravity walls, which each character can run along. There are also several groups of anti-gravity mechanisms that allow the player to hover in the air, and swinging panels to grab on to that can be influenced with Left or Right to move between the floor and ceiling. Several cannons appear which allow the player to shoot in any direction to the front of them - they simply need to press A when the cannon is aiming in the direction they want. This Zone also features the third and final appearances of the rooms where Sonic and Blaze need to defeat enemies to proceed.

The boss of this Zone is Sonic or Blaze, depending on the player's character.


SonicRush DS Sprite ShieldPawn.png
Solid PawnEgg Pawns wielding shields that block frontal attacks except for the Boost.
SonicRush DS Sprite LaserFlapper.png
Laser Flapper — Egg Flappers with lasers mounted on their undercarriages.
Coloursds egghammer.png
Egg Hammer — Giant robots that wield hammers. Takes three hits to destroy.


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