Crazy Gadget

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Template:SA2Level Crazy Gadget is the 15th stage in the Hero story of Sonic Adventure 2. It takes place primarily on ARK's interior, and fulfills the role of "gravity-changing contraption" for the game. Perhaps the most iconic imagery of the level is the colored block puzzle found in the final room.

Big the Cat Location

At the end, among the colored block complex, Big is standing on the left side of the yellow block, though it's an indented part of that block, located close to the front. You can see Big while attempting to get on the ring-laden rail from the yellow block to green. Jumping from the south corner of the yellow block as soon as you first land on it will allow a better look. In Hard Mode, he changes position to the underside of the blue block.


The Flame Ring upgrade can be found in the towards the end large room after the second High Speed Warp Tube and second Point Marker.

Differences between Dreamcast and GameCube version

  • This stage recieves one of the most infamous difference between the Dreamcast version and the GameCube version. The small boxes that can be found in various rooms had green "X"s on them in the DreamCast version but were changed to red "X"s in the GameCube version. Many suggest that this was done because the green ones looked too similar to the logo of the GameCube's rival system, the Xbox. Despite this, the green "X"s on the walls were not changed.
  • After the third checkpoint, there will be an area of green acid that will need to be crossed by using Homing Attack on four Electric Beetles. After passing them, the player must preform a mid-air Light Dash or face certain death. In the GameCube version, a rail and a spring were added down below so that if the Light Dash failed, there was still hope for survival.