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Club Rouge
Sonic battle club rouge.png
Club Rouge
Fifth arena arena, Sonic Battle
Location: Night Babylon
Level theme: carnival/casino
Opponent: Rouge the Bat
Non-English names:
  • JP: クラブルージュ
Battle Highway | Amy's Room

Club Rouge is a fighting arena in Sonic Battle. It is treated as Rouge's home arena.


Club Rouge essentially serves as Rouge's own personal establishment within the heart of Night Babylon, though in Story Mode the arena is not strictly confined to the establishment; all the casinos in town have the same fighting stage. The arena itself is set up like a giant pinball table, as the floor is fitted with all manner of blinking lights, digital score counters, flippers and even a launcher. Four thin walls surround the middle of the arena, and a large pinball bumper stands in the very center.

In Rouge's episode, Rouge brings Emerl here to train him to be the "ultimate robot thief". Later on, it becomes Rouge's preferred training ground in Shadow and Emerl's episodes.


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