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City Top
SonicHeroes GC 2P CityTop.png
City Top
2P Battle, first level, Sonic Heroes
Location: Grand Metropolis
Level theme: urban
Maximum rings: 18
Non-English names:
  • JP: シティトップ
Casino Ring

City Top is the first stage of the 2-player Battle mini-game in Sonic Heroes. Like with the other dedicated stages, players compete to force each other off the stage.


This stage is set in the same arena used for the first Team Battle in the main story, but during the evening. The containers in the arena are rearranged on the edges of the arena, along with two Item Balloons hovering in the air, and a total of 18 Rings scattered around.

Each of the containers and Item Balloons contain enough Power Cores to instantly upgrade a character to their maximum level. The wooden containers hold blue Power Cores for the Speed Type character, the steel containers hold red Power Cores for the Power Type character, and the Item Balloons hold yellow Power Cores for the Fly Type character. It is crucial for both players to grab the Rings and Power Cores as soon as the battle begins, and there are enough Power Cores to fully level up both teams.


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