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City Course
SonicHeroes GC 2P CityCourse.png
City Course
2P Bobsled Race, second stage, Sonic Heroes
Location: Grand Metropolis
Level theme: urban
Non-English names:
  • JP: シティコース
Seaside Course | Casino Course

City Course is the second stage of the 2-player Bobsled Race mini-game in Sonic Heroes. Like with the other dedicated stages, players race three laps around the stage in Bobsleds.


This course is based on the futuristic highways seen in Grand Metropolis and Power Plant. Each lap starts at the bottom of the city on tarmac roads lined with trees. After the first corner, the road steadily inclines upwards with plenty of Speed Boosters and Dash Rings to drive into for continuous speed. Upon reaching the top, the road dips down a metallic strip of road littered with Item Boxes and containers that reduce speed when crashed into, followed by a jump at the bottom. Following this jump is another spiralling uphill section with Dash Rings to jump into for speed, with some of them holding Item Balloons to grab. After another jump, the road then dips down back to the starting line.

This is the safest of the three courses in Bobsled Race, as there are no obstacles that will throw off any team members.


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