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First seen: Sonic Unleashed (2008)
Species: ???[1]
Gender: Unknown[1], referred to as male
Age: Unknown[1]
Height: 45cm (1'5")[1]
Weight: 5kg (11lbs)[1]
Likes: Chocolate, good food[1]
Dislikes: Hunger[1], scary things

Chip (チップ) appears as a small, purple, flying squirrel-like creature in Sonic Unleashed. He advises Sonic (and therefore the player) in a manner similar to Tikal in Sonic Adventure.

Game appearances

Sonic Unleashed

In Sonic Unleashed, he (apparently) loses his memory after Sonic lands on top of him in his heavy Werehog form. Chip then follows Sonic on his journey in the hopes of regaining his memory. Along the way, he develops a love for Chocolate Chip Sundaes and chocolate, thus, Sonic gives him the name "Chip". If Chip is given enough food, he may ask Sonic a light-hearted and funny question. He will also give feedback depending upon the meal that he has eaten, whether he likes it. . . or not! If Chip is given the proper food, he may give Sonic a humorous video that has to do with the two characters and a particular food. (Note: Chip can only be given food in the Xbox 360/PS3 version.)

Although Chip only spends a brief time with Sonic in comparison to other characters, the two become good friends, this is especially noted in the end credits song Dear my Friend and in many cutscenes throughout the game. Chip is characterized as naive, curious and very good hearted, often asking simple but ponderous questions and becoming very angry with Dr. Eggman's schemes. Although Chip would like to give troublemaker a real fight, he is also relatively scared of the doctor, and even cowers behind Sonic, still flaunting his fists at him from behind his newfound cover. Chip enjoys the slower things of life.

From eating good food to taking pictures and enjoying the view, he even has his picture taken by Sonic in front of the Eggmanland statue, an idea that Sonic doesn't oppose despite their disliking of Eggman.

After putting back the sixth continent, Chip remembers that his real name is Light Gaia. Every few million years, he and Dark Gaia awake. Dark Gaia destroys the planet and he has to put it back together. Chip states that when Dr. Eggman split the earth apart, he and Dark Gaia were awakened too early, leading to both Dark Gaia's disintegration and Chip's own amnesia.

When Dark Gaia is revived, Chip calls upon the power of the seven Sacred Temples and creates the Gaia Colossus. He restrains Dark Gaia long enough for Sonic to attack him. After Dark Gaia is defeated by Super Sonic, Chip sends Sonic back to the surface of the earth, and then goes back to sleep. All that gets left behind is his necklace which Sonic puts on his wrist.

Other game appearances

Chip is an equippable Buddy in Sonic Runners.

In other media

Chip appears in the Sonic Unleashed short called Sonic: Night of the Werehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)

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